Fundamentally: You and Me

The sense of unity

A deep spring within you and me

Is fundamentally

An idea which

We should all agree


However when a evil tragedy

Strikes the innocents

Lacking any true humanity

What are we left with

Other than a hollowed out hope

A useless and frayed rope

I have a belief

That there is more to unite

Than to tear apart

We as humans all share a common heart

Not emotionally

Purely physically

We are born with brains and toes

We all face our challenges of growing old

Not all is lost in humanity

I just saw someone yesterday

Help a lost fellow on the street

Maybe a hope of full unity may fall away

The hands of each other

We somehow share a sense of commonplace

Deep within the human race

On a Monday it seems burned out

Washed up and worn out

The hope runs like a well deep underground

Running full but without a sound

I share this hope

That is the simple humanity of each other

That we are truly bound


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