Roots and Understanding 

Understanding the roots

The underbelly of deviant mode

How the world

Spins out of control

The world I try to seek

To understand

What falls from the lips

Of the everyday man

In writing 

And learning

Holding hope 

Run down

But still going

How the world has grown

In a confusing light

But I have to grow to understand

This is my life


Words Before Waning

How to speak

To help others

To grow

My sisters and brothers

In time of trouble

In time of success

What can I say

That will help humanity best

Humble in spirit

And detail focus

Try to plan it out

Rather than hocus pocus

Words can’t paint the world

With ideas 

Of hope and unity

To this we aspire


We grow

Collective we resist

We continue

We give

I hope words still have meaning

When the daylight of the world

Seems to be waning


All the bickering

Time and time

Again and again

How can we see ourselves through

When the storms roll in

Help each other

Hand in hand

Seems like such a strange concept

In this land

I truth be told

Have little to complain about

So make the best of each moment

And let go


Waiting Game


Whats worth waiting




How can you win the waiting game

The hope for another day

Push away

What needs to be done now

Instead, opt to bow out

Fall away

While others lead the way

My friends who wait

Never seem to make it

Never seem to get ahead

They are just going to wait

Maybe until they are dead