A Knit Carriage

A knit carriage

Will carry me home

When time is undone

Confusion sets in

Find me

Where the wind blows

Through open windows

Upon a knit carriage I




Slow and Smooth

Write slow and smooth

All the unused phrases

Coming out in time

Hit the pen

Feel the rhyme

In coping with emotions

Happy and sad

Move the pen through feelings

Alive and dead

I hope that in the end


These words are read


An Ill-Fated Truck

Explain the copper wires

Running through my head

The hum of an ill-fated truck

Rumbles distant from my bed

I notice a neat and tenous

Stretch of thought

Running through my veins

Too educated to unite

To high up to rise

These are the excuses we all devise

As the old truck hums

In the distance

Return Enter

Escape the fray

Sprawling traffic

On sun baked streets



With loaded garbage pales

On my mind

Outside the loop

Unsaid training stations

Headed west for

Western libations

Return enter

To the western end

Sip of coffee

LA blend

On the ocean beauty

Return to the feeling


New York View

A grey off colored late morning

The pendulum of metronome

Clanks from within the construction walls

The paisley building stand

Juxtaposed to billboards and lights

The creamy paleness of the Queensboro Bridge

Speckles with lights and cars

Crawling slowly over

And crimson and white lines smoke

Stacks litter the sky



The east river is covered from sight

The land filled with energy


Magnificient architecture

Glistens well into the night

A New York view

New to me in a way

But still the same

And true