Confess and Spend

The holidays are here

Confess and spend

Move along

In the holiday rush

Not one moment held up


City Tears

I miss the city

The life

As I once knew

The flow of a city day

Pushing of the crowds

Always focused ahead

Never time to look back

The city life

Steel trains clang

On the railways

Of the G train

City life can be heard

Before anything is felt

Bring Back the Good

Good god

Bring back the good


And wholesome

There are people

In a force of fields

Helping reserve the goodness

Out of the bad

And the full great

The good

Help bring back the good

I sure wish it would

Debt Monsters

Debt monsters

Under the hood

Of the sleek designs

Of frivolous world

Debt monsters grow

While we sleep at night

We wake up early

How we will be alright

Debt monsters live

Under the bed

Searing for you to fall sleep

With sharpies of red

Debt debt debt

No longer can they get

Debt monsters wait

Until the prey is set

Don’t let them see you

Pass by at night

Make it past the debt monsters

And you might be


Landing in Vain

Landing in vain

As the planes take the tarmac

Insults thrown away

Into the faces of unsuspecting

Leaders and friends

I guess this story goes


With no exact end

In vain

In triumph

I am lost for words

How a man confused

Has a position

He earned

Deputy Soft

Deputy soft

Had not much to say

The evening

In dispute

Remembered but far


Played out over

Few too many


Or tips of the glass

Deputy soft


His grasp

Pulled the vagrant Parton

Into the corner

Don’t cross this man

When he let up

The old man ran

Counter Praise

Adorned with counter praise

Easy in its ways

Don’t let the words

Get to your head

Listen instead

To the symmetry of


Learn lessons

From others

Let Ear’s guide

To sensible solutions

Counter praise is just


Disappointment Brilliance




The ointment

Of tested and true

Blue but not so fast

That it can’t undue

Can disappointment

Be so strong

That it inflicts

To greater qualities

That heed infallibilities

In the lack of truth

Parachute System

A parachute system

Is required

When the breaks fail

No wins to set sail on

Fall from grace on

Parachute with me

Into the blue silky sea

In a time of resent

I present

An escape to land

With this parachute

In hand

Patrol Project

The patrol project

Is overlord

Over the land

Making sure the hands move

The feet link together

The patrol project

Has a way of losing it’s focus

And making us all

Become a little bland