Rebel Hopes

Rebel Hopes

On the way

To being a renegade spirit

These worn out days

I have ideas

That are not so unique

With words


But I hope to see a


Guided by my own

Divine sight

For wherever I am pulled

I will hold on

To these rebel hopes


If Only

If only I knew

What I can’t know

Before the world goes

Where it does

If I only could

Say the thing

That would make her

Come back

To me

If only I had the time

To plan out the future

For my own safety

If only I could have heart

When all else fails

To hold me up

If only I could write the

Right words

On the page

So that I could say

I love you

Rhetorical Waves

It started with a few words

Like a leaking faucet

On a dry day

As the hopes of many

Became united

In one discrete shade of


So they say

That the rhetorical waves

Had begun

From the drops into the ocean

It all was one

In that moment

I knew the sea change

Had already won

My Straw North

The old county

Where I grew up

The straw north

Outside the state park

Where you could hear the rides

At night

Off the highway

That creaked in the evening

And cracked at dawn

The fields filled with

Corn and life

Back on

The other side