Galaxy Bill

Galaxy bill

Is due

On time

Due upon a date

With a full rate

Of prime

Will I pay

Can I pay

Not committed

So I may fall astray


Offspring Joke

Offspring joke

Am I

Tied up

But quite alive

Mind my own

While I go on a vibe

But I am a joke

No more than the other

But I hope you can love me

As I love my brother

Cat Celebration

Cat celebration

Set up on

Insta nation

Holding the paws

On our attention


Far away the best

And less effective plan

Of a cat celebration on YouTube

Don’t you wish you could just

Be there too

Citizen Protest

Citizen protest

Has a utmost


Of achieving

Rather than debating

Move to action

Instead of emotion

Make advances

Instead of

Tying opinion

To special interest finances

Contrary and Equal

Contrary and equal

Parts and idealism

Made up to separate

And divide

When the hope of Unity

Is less alive

The rules of opposites

And equal

We have to understand that

Life is lived

Not in uniformity

But understanding and debate

So move forward

To save the state

Reliable Mask


For the mask

LASIK on your eyes

Wishing into the skies

With mirrors in hand

Upon a vital crust of land

A mask for the days

And nights

Kept cold on the side

A reliable mask

Creates a classic condition

Of diversion

Franchise Virus

The franchise virus

Growing from the roots

Of a dead cypress

Cold pressed nightmares

Held up by titans

Each man has a turn

To flame the words

Caught up on the wings

Of drunken birds

By night

And by day

What the naysayers say

Is the franchise lies

Being manufactured day

And night

I, the Unpleasant Peasant

I, the unpleasant peasant

Making my songs and words

Ringing out notes

Two flights of a bird

Have notes and words

Making hope up as I go

When the world tries

To hold down

The ones that need to go

What I know

As unpleasantries go

A poor writer

Such as I

Only knows