City Burn

Back to the city

City heat in the late summer

Thick humid clouds on top of skyscrapers 

Months since we have been back

The old place welcomes us in


Some places have been turned away

Shuttered business closed to open new


Unbelievably fast

Changing hands

In the middle of the night

New faces by noon light

The evolution continues 

We continue

Our friends 

Some stay 

Some move on

In the summer heat

Of New York City



Life has a way of changing

Right when you think it is all figured out

Right when you get comfortable

You get knocked down

Change is truly inevitable

It is in this inevitability that we must anticipate

Await new challenges

New celebrations

New frustrations

It is all in the package when you sign the lease

Lease of life



I see these changes truly only in retrospect

Hard to drive the car when you can only look back

But I adapt

That is the fully human function we all have

Is the ability to change to the future

To see what is required and adapt to it

Sometimes I reminisce the past

I open up to it

But only momentarily

There is nothing to hold on to

To move forward with

I just have this moment

It will never be the same

And I have never been here before

But I will do my best