Temerity of Winter

Incoming nights rain

Late April showers

Coming down like baseballs of ice

Slamming the grounds

Sprinkling a tap dance sound

All around

Tonight at winter makes a temerity

Run reckless and shrewd

Under a spring moon

Blowing wind in from the Great Lakes

While we wait

For the power to stay on



Thorough decisions


Lack of precision

Hopeful feelings

Lost in translation

Hard to lay brick

With no foundation

Meaning or purpose

How can we know the truth

When money follows lies

Lies for money

Are alive and well

How could we tell

This was the end game 

The ultimate decision

One loses

On wins

And it all begins


Memories and Facts: Leaving

I will remember the fact of my old address

I will remember the smell of the old house

I will remember how many times I cried




I will relish the memories of what transpired

Between these walls

I will remember it as home

Even when I am away

I will think of it

Often if not every day

As I begin a new journey

With a new home and center

How these memories will serve me

To learn and to grow

The facts will grow faint

While the memories will always stay

In my home

Planet B

How could this be

The truth and I agree

There is no planet B

No do over

Mulligan or retry

We have to make what we have


Agree to disagree

But mother nature will always be

And should be

Our top priority

Current sacrifice

Rather than living from a vice

Over consumption

Is our most destructive


That is not alright and good

We must live the way we should

Treat this world with respect


That is truly

The way it should be