Upon Arrival

You will hear

Upon arrival

The words once heard

To be the only way

Of survival

Cordial and quaint

Ideally a world

We can see as we paint

The words that we now know

As we grow

The more we achieve

Set out to see

The world around us

And all it is to be



A general nonsense

Is lingering about

In a wierd way

Around town

Where the cacti grow strange

And the wind blows mild

A bit of nonsense

Is making its way


From news to views

Everyone plays a part

In the path they choose

For now

I heed only to the fact

That there is high levels of uncertainty

So certainly

There is a skeptisim


Lavender Skies

It might not be alright

It might be tough

The evening sunset

Was full of rust

That fell in my eyes

As I gazed upon it

The glaze had fallen of the sky

Into a hazy crimson

Shadow of the sun

How that night began

I would not have wanted to begun

But the lavender night rolled

In the evening gently

As the cold air

Crisp as it lays low in the fields

The lavender night

Is bringing me a feeling

That I can heal