Light Clothes

Light clothes

In the wintertime


Up world

Summer flipped in winter

All others


When we wed the new future

We ask no questions

We go with good intentions

Yet we leave with none


Bold Earthwax

Petroleum counterpart

Released at the

Point of contact


Environmental strains

Bold unsurpassed all the same

We have to be aware

Of the minerals we deposit

Fuel made for a rocket

Lasting effects beyond

Our own light socket

Purpose Ton

The purpose ton

Accomplishes much

With a finite stroke

A definitive look

Hoping to accomplish

What has lost focus

Withholding tight

To the morning sun

Look ahead

To a purpose ton

Current Landscape

Current Landscape

Scapegoats and all

Rolled up into a ball

Understood by few

Under the beam of a wall

Passion and intention

Blazed with cheap attempts

Celebrity bones show up

In wild circumvents

Handshakes cheap and often

Do not reflect

An underlying hate

In the current landscape

Number Thesis

Number thesis


Of those who procrastinate

Or the spent life infatuated

With lies upon lies

Under our own eyes

Truth go untold

But the number thesis

Is sound

That no matter where we go in life

If we lie

It will hunt the liars down

History has proven

That evil can only go so far

Until the number thesis

Proves such unfateful journies




Shifty Gift

Shifty gifts

Suggestions in obscurity

Little pushes

In its subtlety

We hope for love and get

Love in return

But not all love is simple

Some coded gifts

Are suggestions

Polite and rude

Acute and obtuse

See that we give truth

In the holiday

Nothing is better than this

Not even a

Shifty gift

Pawn Dictate

Down the road

In steel country

There is a pawn shop

Calling the shots when the going gets tough

Dictating each move when

You get turned down

And have to start anew

I fear that shop

I fear my own mistakes

I fear where it call all go

Yet I embrace the unknown

Horror Fuel

What keeps us going

What move us

If not positive

The negative motion

Mother of fear

We React

Instead of proact

The horror fuel pumps

The blood in our veins

But hope for light

Can do the same

Refund the Reception

Refund the reception

On a rainy day

Let the money go back

To the ones to play

In moments we hold

Uncounted bars told

When the people leave the room

The reception

Will end soon