Remember Wing

Remember wing

Of the western end

Waking up in the morning

Already ahead

A new morning

A new day

Hold the phone

Hold the plate



Concessions made

Point given

Hands held up

Questions risen

Into the evening


Making false claims

Of the words

For a sensation

The Words We Haven’t Read

The story of the biggest story

Larger than the eyes can see

Longer than the mind can imagine

Between the dreams

And the dragons

Where the boys turn into me

When the words slip into letters

Back then

An idea of what is coming

Might be left from the stories

Of what was already written

We just haven’t read

Lighter Respect

Lighter respect

I would suspect

Is needed to protect

Against the harshest



Lazy intuitions

More actions


Than reactive

In that respect

I hope not one but many

Can detect

Shadow of a Trade War

What do I wear to a trade war

Should I examine the tag

Before I leave the house

Who called the final shot

A squeaky mouse

No rhyme

No reason

Just that time of season

Big Party Thorny Issue

Bring it, home daddy,

Calls the crowd

They don’t think anymore

They just talk out loud

No reason to wait

Or think twice

Why be cordial

Why be nice

Thorny issues shoved in

Each others side

Doesn’t make it wrong

Sure as hell

Doesn’t make it right

Seize the Win

Seize the win

In easy time

Set up the win

In modern times

Holding hopes higher

Than the clouds that fly

Above our heads

Over the land

And through the mountains

Winning and losing

It’s just life

We are using