The Other Guy

Not a football type

Not a sportsman

Or a marksman

Not a fleet-footed runner

Not a Hercules


But not to much

I’m the other guy

A craftsman of words

Tied up in outlandish hopes

Of artistic fancies

Guess I would rather be

Walking than dancing




Call Out

Practice hard

Churn them out

That is what the songwriting life is all about

It is no matter where you are

You have to do

And sing from your heart

That makes songs worth writing

Fingers sliding and bending

Notes ringing and clinging

To every syllable and vowel

That sings from this mouth

Out into the world

To scream and shout

That new songs will be birthed

From hand and shovel

Pulled from the earth

And given a life to live

In peoples ears

This is the gift to give