Twin Flames

Twin flames reach up to the sky

Stretched out like two Great Danes

A wry gesture to a waning night

Love burns in his heart

For her

For love

For good

Souls entangled in this life together

No matter the weather

The twin flames reach for the sky

Day and night

The wind has no hope to blight this fire

For 24 hours a day

Blazing as if fed by turpentine

Love is fed by action

Defined not by material

But the ethereal

The twin flames

Him and her





Some pray for a raise

Some pray for a new car

Some pray for more things

Some for the night

Some pray to just stay alive


Some pray for a new insight

Some pray for power

Some pray for spring flowers

Some pray for the weather

While some pray for water


Pray for me

Pray for you

Pay to pray

On the radios too


Raise your hands for love

Raise your hands for awareness

Raise your hands to raise fund

Just raise your hands for fun


On the radio the ads blare

Telling us “BEWARE”

But to continue to pray



4 Minutes

In 4 minutes I will attempt

To write words

Strung together with

Some meaning

My eyes are stuck to the screen


Written in an attempt to say

What I have postponed along the way

Returning to ritual

Feels good

Yet not unusual

Coeur D’ Alene 

Upon the shores of the Idaho banks

Lies a city of French coronation

Beauty bounding straight from the mountains

Fountains of fresh water springs

Water clashed out and sings

Pine trees weathered the western sun

Green coffee beans roasting 

Swooning from the delicate flow of life

Tucked on the western sea side

Fresh air crisp in inhalation

Resounding in echoes smoothed out of the corridors

As my eyes rest easy

On this place just west of the planes

In a small town called Coeur d’Alene 

New Post

A new post

On the eve of a new year

Fear of what is to come

What lie ahead

Gathering the words in my head

Head out to the streets of New York

Celebrate the upcoming with

A bottle of bubbles to uncork

Troubles or success

Whatever the new year will bring

We will ring it in

In our new hometown

The only way we know how

To join the others on the streets

Join our voices when we stand

On our feet

Happy New Year

We shout

From the Streets

The Streets of Manhattan

Only in New York

Can you meet a legend on the street

Step inside and share bagels

And eat

From the Upper West side

To the East Village

It shatters any image

You have in your head

Straight talking fellas

On the Avenue

Just another normal day

For me and you

But legends shake hands

With people sipping their

Daily brew

Unusual but true

This could only truly happen

Out on the streets

Of Manhattan

A Great American Holiday

To all a great American Holiday

It seems wierd to say

That there are not too many

Of these days on the calendar

A celebration of a family at large

In charge of food

To be with wonderful family

Friends and familiars

I relish the moment

Cheers to all the friends

Around the world

Time to take off

Give this Turkey a whirl

Decanter Fine Glass Drip

Summation of a uniquely

Different point of view

Innovating steps

Taken in front of you

The moment is savored

At first sip

Like a fine wine

Decanter fine glass drip

Through the opening

And into the reservoir

These sips taken

With berry bliss unmistaken

And later off to bed

True that the senses are awakened

Procrastinator once said

It is the morning anew

Where innovation feels dead

The hangover of a loving encounter

Must wake up and rub his head

It is in the small moments

That true doubt creeps in

The despicable little whim

Unable to see the finish line within

I fear these moments

When the moment become lackluster

I can’t phone in a true back buster

Muster up

Look up

You can see it through

If I just continue




Tomorrows End

The painstaking rearranging of change

Unfolds like a cold flow of blood

To the brain

The tightness urges a little saying

Bursting out from my grasped lips

I can not think of tomorrows end

Or uncertainty certain bend

I just focus on the moment in front

Not two behind

What lies ahead is what I will find

The constant ebb and flow of the tide

Makes me feel uneasy sometimes

So it is in change that I find solace

Even though the certain I will miss

Upon the altering sunsets

I will rest my eyes

Upon a new state line

A think for a time

How constant flow around me

Can help me see the true bounty

Of life