Decanter Fine Glass Drip

Summation of a uniquely

Different point of view

Innovating steps

Taken in front of you

The moment is savored

At first sip

Like a fine wine

Decanter fine glass drip

Through the opening

And into the reservoir

These sips taken

With berry bliss unmistaken

And later off to bed

True that the senses are awakened

Procrastinator once said

It is the morning anew

Where innovation feels dead

The hangover of a loving encounter

Must wake up and rub his head

It is in the small moments

That true doubt creeps in

The despicable little whim

Unable to see the finish line within

I fear these moments

When the moment become lackluster

I can’t phone in a true back buster

Muster up

Look up

You can see it through

If I just continue





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