Angel Investor or Debt Collector

Continue to write



The creative process shall never tire

Agendas will be set

And disrupted

Hope bursts like a bubble

Whose flight has been interrupted

The job of the artist is to set free

Ideas before they can be accepted politically

To stay pure in original thought and progression

Artistic pursuit on the mind like an obsession

I will not put hope in others

Not those who claim to rise above the rest

As if us the collective whole

Was just a second best

Rather these words are our power

When we are powerless

We can still speak

And be heard

Every single word will land on an ear

No great cause can be pursued with fear

Rather we go forth and seek truth

Writing the words that resonate with me and you

Not waiting for an angel investor or debt collector

We all will write and be heard

Be heard

This truth I have written on January 3rd


Keep the Car Running

Keep the car running

The faucet draining

Keep on keeping on with

What I have been wasting

In moments of reflection

Why do I put up these guards of


When I am the problem

And the solution

All in one small mind

Or large conclusion

Coeur D’ AleneĀ 

Upon the shores of the Idaho banks

Lies a city of French coronation

Beauty bounding straight from the mountains

Fountains of fresh water springs

Water clashed out and sings

Pine trees weathered the western sun

Green coffee beans roasting 

Swooning from the delicate flow of life

Tucked on the western sea side

Fresh air crisp in inhalation

Resounding in echoes smoothed out of the corridors

As my eyes rest easy

On this place just west of the planes

In a small town called Coeur d’Alene 

I Owe You a Stare

I owe a stare to you

A stare of wonder


But more wonder than concern

I will become absorbed in your beauty

Radiant beauty

The odds that I could be

Completely absorbed in your smile

The way your throw your hair back

You could be a beauty ambassador

A lovely representative

I owe you a stare

To make you feel cherished

How great would the odds be

If I were a suspect on trial

That your eyes would lock back on mine

It could just so happen

That in this quick motion

Our eyes collide in meeting

Like atoms of plutonium

It will happen

I will stare

And nothing will ruin that moment

For I owe you a stare