The Ancient Selfish

The ancient selfish

Has no home

No front yard

Or place to roam

Little are the places left

Where the selfish wander



More questions than answers

For sure

A dusty match against reality

The selfish reign in uncertainty

Hurried they go limping off

As the ancient selfish

Have no places left


Blues Walking Shoes

Tune out the news

Blues walking shoes

Vacate twitter

What happens when we decide

To take growth 

Over whither

Return my life to its original place

Before the trace

Of overbearing promises

Fights and rejections

My God

The insurmountable resurrections

With a flick of a switch it was gone

Life was back

Life was back


Unsightly unseen

Mightily obscene

Gestures of language




I have an objection to such limits

Of language


My own county



How did words slip from

Meaning to mere



How can it go from direct

To indirect and casual


Is that what we have become

Seeking the words that have already

Been sung

A light I hope will shed a new perspective

Hoping that small bits of peace injected

We can’t move forward with blusterĀ of hate


We must move forward together

And together

We will stand STRONG


I Owe You a Stare

I owe a stare to you

A stare of wonder


But more wonder than concern

I will become absorbed in your beauty

Radiant beauty

The odds that I could be

Completely absorbed in your smile

The way your throw your hair back

You could be a beauty ambassador

A lovely representative

I owe you a stare

To make you feel cherished

How great would the odds be

If I were a suspect on trial

That your eyes would lock back on mine

It could just so happen

That in this quick motion

Our eyes collide in meeting

Like atoms of plutonium

It will happen

I will stare

And nothing will ruin that moment

For I owe you a stare

Avoid the Voids


Paris to NYC

Trying to turn a hope 

Into a dynasty

We had a helluva trip

From the grounds of the Rockefeller

To the Parisian sun

We take one step as it comes

Each stage of fear 

We soon overcome

Out in the streets of these cities

Avoid the voids

Headphones on to block the noise

Our journey spans the world

A bespoken pearl

We hold hands

Change everything we know

With every path we go

Ominous Tapestry

The rain collects

Small pools on the ground

The peeling of the rubber

From the ground

The great majesty

Of buildings

Disappearing in the up high

The ominous tapestry in the sky

Unfold the fog from morning sights

Wake a new

The New York Skyline

Quick beeps and parked cars

Sirens alarm

Back up quick

Away from harm

The simplest yet amazing charm

From Brooklyn over the East arm

I breathe out

And hold the next

How this city is quite simple

Yet eternally complex

A Cascading Wind

A cascading wind 

Falls hard on our shoulders

Unknown to me

While the years make me older

Outlived truths

Falsities of our youth

Holding the ropes between

Me and you

The flip side of this situation

Is to tell you with little procrastination

That I hold you dear

My dear

We hold strong together

Under uncertain weather

Under skies grey or blue

I hold on to you

Greasy Hand Salutation

The fast food fascination

Greasy hand salutation

Black fingernail sludge

With no regard

Just a lopsided smudge

How many mouths enjoy

What the corporate supply chain

Has fed down the drain

From this repulsive trap

We consume such meat

Prestige as if it where a treat

Not one question is asked

Until the collective conscience

Is fully grasped

Then we become more aware

More in tune

Of what is going on in the room

By then our bellies are full of antibiotics

The green eyed optics

Somehow we agreed to this tender

Although we never saw

The face of the sender

We Fail: Us

Where can we turn

When the world turning around

The world we created

Falls down

We fail us

Celebrities casting cosmic dust

On a race of humanity

Yet at times so inhumane

Full of disdain


Me to see this travesty

All around

In the papers

Insidious creatures from the ground


With my future

Its subversive to even ask now

Why there is such a break down

In race negotiations

Legitimate marriage situations

Crime in big cities

I need some good news

Something so good I can not refuse

The beauty of the love we all share

We share it somewhere

Just not in the headlines

More so in the outerlines

Humanity is great than celebrity

Is greater than these travesties

Is greater than cheap obscenity

And I hold this hope

To be true