Ship Canal

When the Des Plaines and Illinois Rivers


Headed to the Mississippi

There is a pace

Nestled on the shores

Of Lake Michigan

Black building scraping the sky

Leaning back

On the windy side

At the bed of the river

Lies mysteries

And long live series

Notes and pens

Float at the riverbed

Years of passing through a city’s heart

And in all of our heads

When the three rivers make one

And down stream it flows

Through Chicago


A Rotten Destiny

A rotten destiny

Filled with blasphemy

Blaming infamy

Of tyranny

On the everyday man

And woman


And odd

But when people die

Not even the truth can imply

That responsibility is ours

Behind these bars

I scream

The Linear Bus

Is there space on the bus

Moving in one straight line

In space and time

All along

While the bell rings

From the yellow line

All the way down the roads

As the old chains creek and pull

The linear bus and its passengers


At last

Lines on my Skin

Hard work sucks
It beats you up
Tears you down
All the while
The world spins round
The commitment must not waiver
Construction creation and assemble
Hard work makes you stronger
Sunrise sunset
Making you better
With every practice set
It is staying up late
And waking up early
From Thursday to Thursday
Everyday is a workday
It’s opportunity seen
And opportunity taken
No questions asked
No errors mistaken
Hard work wakes you up
And keeps you up
The competition grinds
While you fill your cup
With more coffee to keep going
Never stop
Never slowing
It frustrates and confuses
Engages and amuses
This is what I have learned about hard work
So when you shake my hand
In my eyes you look
The lines in my skin
I have earned
With every opportunity I took