The Linear Bus

Is there space on the bus

Moving in one straight line

In space and time

All along

While the bell rings

From the yellow line

All the way down the roads

As the old chains creek and pull

The linear bus and its passengers


At last

The Promotion Designer

Such a lonely job

With a short description

A round sad face

In a Rockwell exhibition

With tears at the computer

And no real sign of life

In his eyes

Just trying to make the call

Get by

With a new promotion or design

Thinking now of how to resign

With dignity and praise

For these are his final days


Reasonable Christmas

Reasonable Christmas

With a happy start

With minds open

To the lines read from the sky

Happy friends and family

In great consultation

Avoiding politics

Or resignation

For a meager celebration

Hands together

For its a reasonable Christmas

Given the weather

Pigeon Gains

Pigeon gains

Importing new clothes

And merchants

On the shores of Lake Michigan

In the December cold

All around the city

I’m told

The talk of the merchandise


They are on the news

Heard of the businessmen rats too

The Stall Exhibition

Stall exhibition

No prohibition

Problems made

With no resolve

We have to grow

And evolve

Stalling out

Over the holidays

For the world can say

What a great nothing

What a moment to cease

All of that just to

Keep the peace

Rowing for the Moving Rebellion

Rowing on the frozen shores

I salute the moving rebellion

Steadfast in moving fast

Making decisions

For now and the future

The rebellion lives on

With or without you

I keep my brow low

As the ore slaps the water

And thrust the team onward

Into the morning fog

Wonder this Wonderful World


Dedicated to Laura Anys
Let’s wonder this wonderful world
From the mountains of California
To the salt flats of Utah
The winds of the Pensylvania turnpike
Wonder takes flight in all of us
Down to the rustbelt of south of Chicago
The land that we live on
Has heightened the sense of wonder
Somewhere in Hawaii
A surfer catches a wave
While in Grand Central friends
Wave to each other
Departing for new destinations
As strangers pass by
Aware but set on new experiences
In classrooms across the country
Eager students learn to recite
New languages to speak
Spanish and German
French or Portuguese
Preparing for the wonder of this world
From the land to the people
Wonder must not be let go
It must grow
Flow like the Mississippi
Keeping our mind nourished with wonder
As the Louisana coast creeks with thunder
No storm can hold back
The feeling of learning to trust the unknown
In a life filled with wanderlust

The Paltry Destruction

The paltry destruction

Dirty and tan

Unknown in expression

But less heard of

I am uncertain

Pushing my own hands now on the curtain

I have never seen such an obtainable truth

If we could only see it through

We must take command of our own hands

Yearn for hope and truth

Unity through diversity

Diversity in me and you