The Promotion Designer

Such a lonely job

With a short description

A round sad face

In a Rockwell exhibition

With tears at the computer

And no real sign of life

In his eyes

Just trying to make the call

Get by

With a new promotion or design

Thinking now of how to resign

With dignity and praise

For these are his final days


Reasonable Christmas

Reasonable Christmas

With a happy start

With minds open

To the lines read from the sky

Happy friends and family

In great consultation

Avoiding politics

Or resignation

For a meager celebration

Hands together

For its a reasonable Christmas

Given the weather

Rowing for the Moving Rebellion

Rowing on the frozen shores

I salute the moving rebellion

Steadfast in moving fast

Making decisions

For now and the future

The rebellion lives on

With or without you

I keep my brow low

As the ore slaps the water

And thrust the team onward

Into the morning fog