Unconstitutional Emoluments

Take the pay

Leave the people

Who is taking the stubs

When the president wins

Paid in advance

With taxes due

Who would have knew

What one man can do

With unfettered desires

To light a blazing fire

While a waining night fades

The ultimate game has been


The Paltry Destruction

The paltry destruction

Dirty and tan

Unknown in expression

But less heard of

I am uncertain

Pushing my own hands now on the curtain

I have never seen such an obtainable truth

If we could only see it through

We must take command of our own hands

Yearn for hope and truth

Unity through diversity

Diversity in me and you

The Ragged Carriage

We are carried in the carriage

Ragged and old

We must find new wheels

New axels

Our carriage can’t carry

Us much longer

Not like this

We are going to break the carriage


Can we please fix the carriage


Down to My Hands

Yearn for understanding

Learn from mistakes

Don’t be afraid of failure

This land comes with the breaks

Take a chance on hope

Uplifting interaction

My destination unknown

Strategy unclear

I will rely on what I know

Keep a good eye on what will become clear

From the veins running in my heart

Down to my hand

As a small child I was filled with hope

And still am today


I must move on into positive space

Remembering the words of a Poet great

The more you give

The more you create

It is not a well to be pulled dry

But reincarnated everyday


Wren of Premonition

A wren of the future bird

Eyes filled with glossy cover

Singing the notes of a future uncertain

Pulling back what remains in the dark

From a pulled curtain

The lazy have come into hold us

The land upon us

Troubled for profit withholding

The truth was never unfolding

A small drip from our brows

Idealistic until now

Strap the hood on and walk out into the cold

If we never try I guess we will never know

Never coming together

Never falling apart

We all now have to do our part



Back at the Wheel

So life has been pretty crazy for me over the past couple of weeks. Took some time off to get married and throw one of the most amazing receptions I have ever been a part of. The day was just simply amazing and it taught me a lot about myself, life, and my purpose. I am very thankful to be back trying to resume my poetry blog and discovery. I hope that I am able to give some new insights into where I am at currently in my life and continue to grow in my exploration of words, meanings, rhymes, and rhythms.  Cheers -Nate

The Contaminated Mind

Trash dumps filled with leftover garbage

Garbage bags filled with pieces and puddles

These puddles draw out into spaces

Spaces filled with black remains

Stains upon white napkins

Akin to other refuse piled in lumps

The waste collects from experience and form

From all the toxic air and electricity 

Running from head to toe

Upon this I know that I have a polluted mind

Taken away from the productive line

Filled with worries of which I have no control

Over the flow of my life and the rhythm in which I live

Overflowing with fears of a new life lived

Why is the mess a strong figure in my eye

It takes away from the blue in the sky

Filling it with murky uncertainty 

Certainly I can change this inhabited space

With the greener liking 

A space where life can grow 

Leaves fold into the soil and build life anew

I must push forward and never look back

Pack all that I have and journey to greater lands

This is my challenge to set free 

The chaining’s of the must terrible kind

And let the trees and flowers bloom 

Replacing my contaminated mind