Creation with No Expectation

I don’t wish for much this year

Just good luck to take for next year

Going to need it as I look down the line

Can see a lot atop the mountain in Christmastime

I have peaked from a valley

Not to be underwhelmed with what lays ahead

Sometimes I see more mountains

That lay out over the riverbed

But one foot in front of the other keeps me going

Keeps us going

I try to make sense of this journey sometimes

Is it a worthless novel ride

With no beginning and no finish

Peoples salacious appetites

To consume what is finished

No care for time, matter, or commitment

So crude and raw

Yet the creative process draws on this all

Creation with no expectation

Give in hopes of smiles in exchange

So this year I ask not for riches or gifts

Rather that one of these songs we wrote

Can lie amongst the greatest hits

Life in Advance

Can we see the desire of a man
Through the filter of our own eyes
If we can
Than we should offer hope
That life is never simple
Or perfect
We must offer our best
To try and see
Through less filtered lenses
Dispensing love for no gain
Again and again
This is the ultimate challenge for us
To not judge at first glance
But at every chance
Give love
To all those in need
Pay it forward
Live life in advance