Creation with No Expectation

I don’t wish for much this year

Just good luck to take for next year

Going to need it as I look down the line

Can see a lot atop the mountain in Christmastime

I have peaked from a valley

Not to be underwhelmed with what lays ahead

Sometimes I see more mountains

That lay out over the riverbed

But one foot in front of the other keeps me going

Keeps us going

I try to make sense of this journey sometimes

Is it a worthless novel ride

With no beginning and no finish

Peoples salacious appetites

To consume what is finished

No care for time, matter, or commitment

So crude and raw

Yet the creative process draws on this all

Creation with no expectation

Give in hopes of smiles in exchange

So this year I ask not for riches or gifts

Rather that one of these songs we wrote

Can lie amongst the greatest hits

Radiohead goes Public

I just heard that Spotify the music streaming Internet software company is going to go public in the coming year. So as a full-time musician, I was shocked to realize that this corporation and it’s soon to be investors, are going to be able to make money in an industry where the employees – a.k.a. musicians – are rarely ever paid. I have reviewed my paycheck of four cents from thousands of plays from Spotify over the past four months and I find this be hard to believe that they are going to go public and make millions of dollars with their investors, and yet they still have no plan on how to compensate the exploited musicians. Is amazing that investors and a company can make money in an industry where musicians are not even come fair wages. Sickening. I propose that Radiohead go public along with Spotify, this would at least give me a reason to be excited that a band has found a way to make money and survive in this market, rather than some bullshit high rise corporate executive. The sad realization, it is easier to make money exploiting hard working bands, than to be out doing hard work, creating great music and being a band. So to this I say, screw you Spotify – and long live rock and roll.


Musical Supply and Demand

Its very easy to see what is going on

The music world has a case of gluttony

Supply and demand

Has crippled every last musicians hand

No more venues to play

There is a new price in town

A way called pay to play

It’s no longer about music friends

I must know at least 100+ musicians

Me being included in the big mix

A mix of everyone

Fighting everyone

Pushing anyone

Lower and lower

Until we have reached a new low

Below the impossible line of zero

Now we must pay

Out of our own dusty pockets

To create music for people to enjoy

How did this folly become the one

That I rely on as a means to be employed

But the venues enjoy the high chair

Bib wrapped around their necks

With a golden spoon in their mouth

Fuck what music used to be about

Its about the bottom line now

And it seems if you commit to this profession

You are bound to lose

Bound by something you did not choose

So I ask every musician do not play for free

Do not pay or even a shitty guarantee

Because if one falls for the silly trick

The rest of us will be doomed by silliness

In a world that has the x graph pushing us down

Rather than go lower push back and don’t give ground

We have to be an alliance

Of strong resolve

In a desperate attempt

This deficit we can solve

The challenge of the modern musician is ever daunting

Full of empty bars and feedback so haunting

We only have each other in the end

So stick it to the man asking you to pay

And this is what you say

I am a musician of hard work and dedication

Your cheap bar provides my weary eyes no medication

For what music creates there is no other sensation

So throughout all the nation

We will not play for free

This is just the way it must be