Stupid Fang

What happens next

Such a stupid fang

A wrong clip

At the wrong moment

Who claims to be the relative opponent

Maybe it’s the rub of the grape

Fermented a bit too long

Alcohol  preserved now

No going back to the old way

It’s just a stupid fang

Teeth I am not proud of

Moments lacking in empathy

Writing wistfully


But these fangs are not going away anytime soon

What is the feisty destiny of this fang tooth



Angel Investor or Debt Collector

Continue to write



The creative process shall never tire

Agendas will be set

And disrupted

Hope bursts like a bubble

Whose flight has been interrupted

The job of the artist is to set free

Ideas before they can be accepted politically

To stay pure in original thought and progression

Artistic pursuit on the mind like an obsession

I will not put hope in others

Not those who claim to rise above the rest

As if us the collective whole

Was just a second best

Rather these words are our power

When we are powerless

We can still speak

And be heard

Every single word will land on an ear

No great cause can be pursued with fear

Rather we go forth and seek truth

Writing the words that resonate with me and you

Not waiting for an angel investor or debt collector

We all will write and be heard

Be heard

This truth I have written on January 3rd

Mighty Unsightly

It’s an unsightly cause

Disturbed pieces of sand

Down to the singular stone

My own town can be mighty unsightly

Deceit is the instrument of choosing

While the others were out boozing

On the beach singing songs of love and longing

The fire lit up like a lamp on their faces

Spiritually free to be deceived


Those nights we laughed on the beach

Holding the sand between our feet

I dream of those moments you and me

But then sets us back to our new reality

It is perfectly imperfect ideally

You and me


One, Two, Three

‘Up, one, two, three…”


I wonder how long I can do this

Just maintain

Sustain a healthy life

What about my career

Am I headed in the right direction

Ah f*ck directions

‘Up, one, two, three…”


I wonder if we will make rent this week

Can we afford to get some food tonight

I am sure we will be alright

Last time I checked we were

‘Up, one, two, three…”


I can’t believe how sore I am today

Walking over 5 miles a day

It’s a little much

To work and play

But I am tough

I am a New Yorker

‘Up, one, two, three”


4 workouts in a weeks

Trying to keep my body in peak shape

Just for the strength I need

To carry on life

To make progess where I thought

I could make none


‘Up, one, two, three…”

guitar_Fotor hazy

The Municipal Gym

Get the coffee on
It’s 5 am
People stagger in on a Monday
Ready to stretch and begin again
Bob is 80 staying strong
The cop benches to keep the bad boys back
Jim is on steroids just looking to get big
While the lady at the desk checks us all in
Rosa is working hard to tone her legs
While Richard is there to chat
The morning due rolls back
While Jim makes sure to keep his back flat
Sam is on the bike getting ready for the next triathlon
While the ex con is working the weights all day long
Me I am just waking up
Weary eyes and strained
Looking at all the faces that look the same
This is a morning in the municipal gym
In south bend
All in all we are just working to stay thin
On a brisk Monday morning in August p