One, Two, Three

‘Up, one, two, three…”


I wonder how long I can do this

Just maintain

Sustain a healthy life

What about my career

Am I headed in the right direction

Ah f*ck directions

‘Up, one, two, three…”


I wonder if we will make rent this week

Can we afford to get some food tonight

I am sure we will be alright

Last time I checked we were

‘Up, one, two, three…”


I can’t believe how sore I am today

Walking over 5 miles a day

It’s a little much

To work and play

But I am tough

I am a New Yorker

‘Up, one, two, three”


4 workouts in a weeks

Trying to keep my body in peak shape

Just for the strength I need

To carry on life

To make progess where I thought

I could make none


‘Up, one, two, three…”

guitar_Fotor hazy


The Commodity of Space

Thank God for public transportation

This revelation

Is one of the finest gems

The beauty of the capital of the nation

We are able to move swiftly

Through station

Feet connected to floors

Cold and eternally soaked

To the floorboards of the railcars

A collective quiet continuum

Running from face to face

Some disinterested

Wearing discontent well on their face

Underneath the city

There is a currency of space

Being given and taken

Awarded and mistaken

The sole private goal

Of a seat on a reasonable Subway

Some would just rather pay

Because there is always the lingering

Unreasonable chance

That the cart is filled in advance

But we stagger on

With the commidty of space low

Take it slow

Get on the train

Pull away,


Light Ambition

The delicate dance of the squirrel

Through the pine clippings

In McCarren Park

Through the light and

Through the dark

With such light ambition

To find a simple treat

Prance along the sidewalk

Just finding something to eat

Resilience comes in not only humans

In New York City

It even has tough squirrels

Fighting tough

But still seemingly

Elegant and pretty

I can only imagine the scraps

Of the city streets

Instead of lush woods

Would be much easier to find

Whats next to eat

But yet the squirrel carries on

In his speckled gray coat

His eyes just seemed wide

Full of hungered ambition

And hope

Manhattan Avenue

On a Tuesday afternoon

I start to feel my hope slip away

Just a bit

It’s that tiny voice it will say

To drudge on in a world uncertain

Don’t give up now

Please don’t pull the curtain

But when I walk down the street

My heart heavy in my chest

The little voice can’t be heard

Can’t be heard anymore

Even when I give it my best

I try to reinvigorate what may be lost

Walking on Manhattan Ave

Damn rents got me down

On such high costs

That I just have to focus on breath

In and out

I can make it through this day

I have not one doubt

I must rekindle the light words

That once rung in my ears

What was once a mighty roar

I just now barely hear

Humanity it’s Entirety

Sometimes we just need help

A four letter word

That keeps me from running to far off

On days

Where my pants are dirty

My mind worries

Where the next paycheck is coming

So I find myself running

Not with my feet

Constant thoughts

But then I get some help

It comes in any form

Off the beaten path and more the norm

These small gestures I suggest

Mean more day to day

Take sullen weights off my weary chest

I muse myself that the world can see my needs

Humanity in its entirety

Knows what I need

So I just have to remain steady

Hold on hope

That I can persevere

Through the sleepless nights

And life will return back

Resuming that it will be alright

Summers Waning Pace

Summer wanes

Like an early bird song in the morning

Warming and warning

We heed like leaves awaiting the fall

For changes that will come

Our lives will adjust with seasons

Waxing and waning

All the time anticipating the future

Holding dear to the past and present

We are old enough now

To realize if you look too much ahead

You will be left with future regret

Holding hands

Kissing lips

We await this changes with fires now dim lit

Summers waning pace has tapered off with the months

Cooling heads and sending us off

How I hold the present tight

But know that just letting go

Will be alright

The Empire Sun

Under the Empire sun

The city resets in the evening

Continual receiving

Thick lines run blurred into the night


The world centers herself

Around the NYC shelves

From Jackson Heights

To the Bushwick and Greenpoint


We held hands

As we felts our way

Through a city heralding a



The sun


We blink our eyes

Rub them dry

To see the Empire sun

Settle over the western sky


Over the east river

We await


For yet another day


The Coffee Worker’s Friend

There is something refreshing

About the corner spot for coffee

The workers have converted to friends

Now we share information

Swap city tricks

Watch the crazy’s

Get our kicks

It makes life better

To know when you need a break

I have a couple of friends down the block

For a cup of coffee

Wake up early

Or head in late

Just being there

Make me feel alright