Don’t Hesitate

If not now then when

No satisfaction


For the distant frustration

We had to move now

Quickly and in motion

Utter madness around us

In the midst of our lives

Greatest commotion

I am glad that we acted with honor

We did what we said we would do

Moving out into the world

To rely on each other

We learned what we are made of

The tough stuff

The thick and thin ruff

We pushed through

And when the lights hit the stage

There will be just 2 standing

me and you


Light Ambition

The delicate dance of the squirrel

Through the pine clippings

In McCarren Park

Through the light and

Through the dark

With such light ambition

To find a simple treat

Prance along the sidewalk

Just finding something to eat

Resilience comes in not only humans

In New York City

It even has tough squirrels

Fighting tough

But still seemingly

Elegant and pretty

I can only imagine the scraps

Of the city streets

Instead of lush woods

Would be much easier to find

Whats next to eat

But yet the squirrel carries on

In his speckled gray coat

His eyes just seemed wide

Full of hungered ambition

And hope

Hails the Sun

The skyline hails the sun
In a stretch upwards
Calling the blue from the moon
Orange flecks gold over the estuary arm
Setting for the even
The empire reaches high and mighty
As the east river ferry barrels through
The wind stricken water
The brooklyn bridge reaches Manhattan
Strong and grounded
As planes launch from the ground
One world trade as new as a baby in the sky
Brooklyn in the back
Heralding the spring night
The rocks
Tucked with miss on the Brooklyn beach
On a Friday night
In New York City


Rooftop Friday

Rooftop Friday nights
Pressed linens and evening skylights
Skyline fading in the backdrop
Of this terrace rooftop
Music plays gentle melodies
Clouds block out burning light
My guitar sits waiting for a new tune
Played well into the evening night
Breeze passes on my left cheek
Sunlight wrapping around flowers and pillars alike
Chairs waiting for the party to begin
Breaking out and summers in
Flowers push up from soil life giving
Trees fall soft on distant ground
Giving life to the view from above
Green and golden a generous view
A tower and a dome rest to the north
Towering over trees confident exuberant
Bricks filled solid and firm
Prepared for years of life
Holding the structure to the ground
On a Friday night on a rooftop
Eyes see what I have not seen
In a way I have never seen
As the night wanes on
Fall asleep until that morning dawn