There are No Actors

Real people showing up in real rooms

Filled with real emotions

Not a Facebook news story

Not cheap news shared from a desktop

But real people

Real hearts and real concerns

Time to face the facts

People are not happy

And it is not for the reasons we see on the news


Keep your ear to the ground and you will hear

The hearts of the people

Not in tune with media

But in tune with each other

Preparing to change the future


Satisfied Corruption

Satisfied corruption

Don’t take someones word

On automatic assumption

Humanity will rise and fall

Some will tell the truth

Others a false call

Will ring on every persons ears

The willing or unable

Confident or full of fear

It is this small eruption

Will ill will

Built in conjunction

When you are on the receiving end

Beaten down

Will and resilience must not bend

It will happen on a Monday

Or Today

Or any day

For the needs of the liar

Will surely set

Your belly on fire

Inconvenient Actions

Inconvenient actions

Created by unstable minds

Lost my own time

Caught up in the winds

Created from ones whims

I get lost in anger and regret

Why is it that I should have to be set
On these feelings when I have stay quiet

My lips fall silent while my mind riots

I flow like water

Not held back by anything

Rolling and flowing

Taking life to the next scene


The angle upon which a sword is thrust

Through someone’s flesh

Can be the definitive conclusion to one

Or a tear from which you can recover

It can mean life

Or it could mean death

The angle of which a ball can bounce

Will be the deciding factor

Whether it will come back

Or roll away

The angle of a fall

Can either break the bone

Or bruise the skin

The angle of basketball shot

Can come up short

Or be perfected for the win

The angle is the most important aspect

Of these finite decisions

So it should be of no surprise

That when I can see evil in ones eyes

With hearts left out cold

Their mind has to arrest and wrangle

For I must understand these souls

Attack others from such a devious angle

The Municipal Gym

Get the coffee on
It’s 5 am
People stagger in on a Monday
Ready to stretch and begin again
Bob is 80 staying strong
The cop benches to keep the bad boys back
Jim is on steroids just looking to get big
While the lady at the desk checks us all in
Rosa is working hard to tone her legs
While Richard is there to chat
The morning due rolls back
While Jim makes sure to keep his back flat
Sam is on the bike getting ready for the next triathlon
While the ex con is working the weights all day long
Me I am just waking up
Weary eyes and strained
Looking at all the faces that look the same
This is a morning in the municipal gym
In south bend
All in all we are just working to stay thin
On a brisk Monday morning in August p

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

2 minus a fraction may disagree

But when they do it is fun to see

That not all can be made happy

Some look for reasons to drag

The anger out in life

To take the butter knife

Make it a weapon of bitter strife

Looking for something to complain about

Dreading the look of the new round about

The feelings build in their soul

Calling from the depths of the cold

To push anger out of their teeth

Lips clenched tight

Holding on to every breath

Taking time to announce and renounce

Passing the baton for the test

To other people infected with this anger

They inflict on others

Knowing no stranger

There is nothing stranger

Then the subtle complaint

Of what was good

Must be forced upon bad

The cashier checks me out with both hands

Asking if I would like cash in hand

I respond with a whimper

Not quite sure she could hear

But I count my change and remember

That life is much easier

If you can control that temper

A City on the Verge of Revolution

My hometown cries out for help and investment from my generation. Not only the monetary investment to restore it, but the physical elbow grease and time that a city needs to be rebuilt. Being that I am a full time musician and weary of committing any time or money to anything because of my transient lifestyle, the idea wears on me. I have no idea what I can do but I want to do something. This is a poem about the challenges the city faces, but what I face also. I am going to do a series of poems on South Bend, IN and this is the first installment. Enjoy!

A city on the verge of revolution

Slow but surely it rises

Dim lit hopes to find

A solution

Will I be the resolution

Or the prodder

Stay or leave

I can’t just pay restitution

If I stay I shall invest myself in the future

A price not yet determined

The man at the store

Is not afraid to give me the sermon

The streets can be brought

Back to original glory

Of the Studebaker nights

An all American story

At stake city buildings

Crying out for help

Asking to take its wings

Nourish it with fillings

Can these hands build back

What has been stolen away

Should I give up

Simply wait for yet another day

These streets and walls have gone on neglected

Yet I try to move out

All my things

I have collected

Only to be called back

With a voice so timid and quiet

Asking for help

While its soul is dying

Can I afford to stay

What help can I be

Even a little effort

Goes a long way I can see

People are inspired

Looking for revolution

So I fix the brim of my hat

And commit to be

Part of the solution

Screw Texting

This is a song about the disconnect between someone on a phone and someone not. I was really inspired to write this song as I walked through a grocery store and almost got whacked by some guys shopping cart as he laughed and texted to someone. That shit is dangerous – and i see people texting all the time when I am driving. I would say that is just as bad as drunken driving. One time i stood on an overpass in LA and 13 out of 30 cars were distracted drivers. Just zipping by doing 80 and texting. Shit be crazy. So this song explores the texting dilemma in a the form of a confused love song.  I felt this would make the song most intimate and revealing to do it in this way. I think I achieved what I was going for – you tell me. I will be posting the video tomorrow. Enjoy!

Stop texting

When we are talking

There is nothing

Better to do

Feel like I am dying

Cause I am holding

I am holding my breathe

for you

Your friends calling

Just ignoring

All l the little words

I try

It feels vacant

In this party

Yeah this group

Of just me and you

It just kills me to hear you say

Don’t go

I wont go if there is a reason for me to stay

Don’t stay

I won’t stay if there is a reason for me to go


I fight feelings

We have outgrown these

Damn phones

Lets throw them away

What could make you

So happy

Looking at that

Box in your hand

Fingers punching

Always talking

While your lips

Have nothing to say

It so quiet

In the room now

That the phone is

all tucked away

We can just talk another day

Pajama Celebrity

This is written out of my bewilderment for my generations obsessions with themselves. I may be a part of the problem too – I am still trying to understand it all. I really tried to focus on the use of “me” and “I” in this poem and how the demeanor changes drastically into the last line of the poem. From a sense of self discovery to a tone of demand and control – which is what seems to happen to people obsessed with this idea of a self made celebrity. All of this is going on and it begs the question what is the overall purpose of this shit.

You mean even I can be a celebrity?

Take a couple pictures and soon you will see

That all this media can focus on just you and me

But what about all the people

Filling up the tabloid pages

Worry you must not now

They are gone with the ages

Just hit this button and post it online

It can’t hurt it seems like a fun time

A sign that reads something funny

A dog

A cat

Doing something witty

Such a low cost to pay

For such a pretty kitty

You mean even I can be a celebrity?

I can have the entire world revolve around me

Me the center and others revolving

I don’t care if no ones problem I am solving

As long as I fulfill the constant desire

The feelings will make me move higher and higher

When I get up to high must I get down?

I like the view up here I just look around

What is the real point of this all anyways?

I am going to exploit the shit out of it

I take advantage while it pays

Cause yeah

Even now I can be a celebrity

Wear crowned jewels into obscurity

Where the world revolves around me

What I say and what I do

I might even try to persuade you

Into believing that there is more here

That just a silly little kitty

That is why I am sitting pretty

Turn on the computer and say my piece

Might even do it wearing my favorite fleece

Pajama bottoms and rocking out

This is really what I am all about

The camera now loves me with all respect

Forget about leaving my ego in check

Cause all this pride has got me feeling good

Now sit down and listen like you should

On a lighter note – I have yet to post any songs to my blog. Tomorrow I am going to start by posting a video that I am very happy with and gives a nice introduction to my songwriting. I look forward to that posting it and more videos of songs to come. I hope to have at least 1 post a week that is a song – this blog will keep me working towards that goal. So stay tuned for some fresh tunes 🙂