Subtle Plans

Planes circle overhead

Outside dust stained windows

Bustling people away and close

Making their way from coast

To coast

On the ground cars rage honking



People walking




We hold hands

Weaving through the crowds

With subtle plans

We think

We can

We hope

We plan

In New York

No second guess

No delay

Or deferred progress

But I sit wondering

Looking at the planes overhead

Shuffling the people around the world

New York to LA

In clear light

Late in March

On a sunny day




Life of Stone

There is light at the end of the tunnel

A reason to push through

There is hope you can make out

When you given it your all

Ready to fall down

Whether it is the truth

Or fiction

Belief in this

Is a religion

What you manifest

Comes true

To give up

Or to follow through

When the darkest hour is upon you

Close your eyes and imagine

There are millions of grains of sand

Laying on beaches throughout the land

Who have been broken


Yet live on

The life of the stone

From a huge boulder

To the smallest pebble on the beach

The lesson these stones teach

To carry on

Live on

Believe there is something better

You will find your beach

Your place in life

Stay true

Be you

City will Fail Me

City will fail Me

Displace me

Let me down

My mind

My voice

My reasons

Sometimes I get back up

At times you just lay down

No one asks questions

I just look around

And decide

Whether I should

Get back up

All Things Certain

All things certain

I will forgo

For the chance to let go

Of what I know

To find what may be

Or maybe

I will find something new

The open road ahead

With just me and you

The western sun calls

Out from winters thralls

I am renewed

I am hopeful

That we can create something new

Something incredible

This is my hope

To let go of the certain

For what waits for us

Behind the red curtain


Farewell and Hello

The day is coming

Finally is here

The barn is ready

The placemats set

Church is waiting

A place to reflect

To set out on a new life

Sail a new ocean

To bid farwell to me

As I once new it

And greet the new

With Hello

I cannot longer hold my past

As it to constrict time

And my future

I go forward brave

Rejuvenated to make life


To work for a new purpose

To shed fear and doubt

To go certainly on a new route

I spend my last days as a bachelor

Reflecting on what I have done

In a short few days

My total will be greater

Than just one

So I sit here peaceful


And quiet

Letting inspiration run

From inception in my brain

To my heart

Through my veins

 Down my arms

 And out of my fingers

I write

Of how life is going to be different

For better and for worse

Sickness and health

But I am ready for this great challenge

To take up the old me

And move to greater heights

Where I can see new potential


Going somewhere I do not know

Into the future I will walk

With my feet touching gently

On the ground below

The Daily Routine

Ah the challenge of keeping creativity alive in my life. As I am pulled to try and sell the art and the creations that have already occurred. It is hard sometimes to step back and try and let the creative juices be heard. So I sat down to try and document my daily routine of keeping creativity alive in my life. So here it is – enjoy!

The daily routine

Wake up in the morning

Make sure to exercise

Work out the arms and the thighs

Get back and get cleaned up

Got to write and practice

Keep the routine up

3 or four hours later

I now sit at the compu-tater

Life’s lines complex yet defined

I make this no place to wine

Letting go on paper what must be done

Seemed like a good idea

Challenging and fun

Poems must be constructed daily

This challenges what I have to say

About beauty, art, and the progress of today

The challenge is not to conform

But to set a new aggressive norm

Creativity must be engaged often

Or else the course muscles will soften

Decay and leave your soul

Looking for someone else to enroll

The creative spirit can be fleeting and gone

So I must capture these spirits in songs

Poems, writings, and other means

Or else I will be left with nothing

Creativity gone and no job to boot

I look pretty bad now in a business suit

Full of aspirations are these writings

Even though my mind is rattled with distractions

I must be real and stay ahead

Better off here trying

Than creativity dead

Overstay Your Welcome

Some dark shit – but hey we all have those days right? I am feeling the weight of overstaying my welcome and feel that I have to move on – so here it is.

I waited to long you see

The walls are closing in on me

Not much left I can do

Not quite sure I can see it through

The rent is late

The man has to be paid

But I am short on pennies

Nothing easy about being a musician

Not gunna lie

Some days I wish I was a fat cat

Just laying around chasing rats

But what the sense in that

I have these fingers and these thoughts

It not something that I bought

Or try to sell

But when the whispers turn to yells

That is when the pain can swell

And swell

Turning you into something you are not

Making you turn your back

On something when it is quite alright

Why do it

Why go now

Just a couple bucks short got you down

There has to be a better way somehow

Life ain’t easy is the saying

But life has a way of displaying

This little cliché in a real way

It never makes sense until that one day

Then you look and say


These bills

How will I ever pay?

The Rapid Eye Movement

Europe is so amazing. I have found it challenging to slow my mind down. It is probably a mixture of the jet lag, new languages, and sheer beauty of this place. It is completely new and intriguing. The landscapes are amazing and the stories and history that go with them are simply too much for my mind to wrap around. It is going to take some time to soak it all in. From Paris – Cheers!

All this beauty

All the color

All the tradition

My mind is wandering

Through words unknown and foreign

I try to slow

The rapid eye movement

Creeping faster and faster

Moving quicker and quicker

Around towers and bells

Through fields and mountains

Pools and lanterns

Brick streets and orange glow

These are where my thoughts go

When people are speaking

My lack of understanding

There is no way of having my mind

Make a soft landing

Until I rest at night

Thoughts slow

And slow


Off I am

To sleep

Just let my mind go


Moving Out There

We have been on the road constantly for over 2 weeks and now we are leaving for Europe tomorrow. I wrote this poem at the beginning of our travels. I feel as if this is our big move – so I was moved to write one night late in a hotel room in Fort Wayne, IN.
I hope you enjoy – Cheers by the time you read this I have begun my travels to Germany to bring American music to Europe! Cheers!

Ode to comfort

Back on the road

So the story goes

Got to get to the city

Play some shows

Ready to get back on stage

That is where I am destined to be

Living among the roads and the trees

To own so little has truly set me free

From dainty things

That really own me

Next month we will head overseas

For the first time the road will grow

And grow

So ode to comfort

It was nice or a minute

But now I am moving on

Forward I will be

Back in due time

But don’t come looking for me

To quick I will know where to come back too

When I am home sick

But for now the road calls

When the pen hits the paper I will be miles away

For I remember

I am moving into the world today

Latched Upon Sunlight

Some days are just short writings. Time seems to fly by and I can not grab enough of it to sit down and do my daily writings. This week I am trying to get 2 writings done per day as next week I will be on the road the entire time. So here is a shot little piece – it is starting to warm up in the Midwest – finally. Enjoy.

Winter wears thin

Latched upon sunlight

A little more feels alright

Wait for more to come