Moving Out There

We have been on the road constantly for over 2 weeks and now we are leaving for Europe tomorrow. I wrote this poem at the beginning of our travels. I feel as if this is our big move – so I was moved to write one night late in a hotel room in Fort Wayne, IN.
I hope you enjoy – Cheers by the time you read this I have begun my travels to Germany to bring American music to Europe! Cheers!

Ode to comfort

Back on the road

So the story goes

Got to get to the city

Play some shows

Ready to get back on stage

That is where I am destined to be

Living among the roads and the trees

To own so little has truly set me free

From dainty things

That really own me

Next month we will head overseas

For the first time the road will grow

And grow

So ode to comfort

It was nice or a minute

But now I am moving on

Forward I will be

Back in due time

But don’t come looking for me

To quick I will know where to come back too

When I am home sick

But for now the road calls

When the pen hits the paper I will be miles away

For I remember

I am moving into the world today

2 thoughts on “Moving Out There

  1. thoughtful and expressive. thank you for sharing your frank, eloquent verse with me. good luck out there. tony

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