All Things Certain

All things certain

I will forgo

For the chance to let go

Of what I know

To find what may be

Or maybe

I will find something new

The open road ahead

With just me and you

The western sun calls

Out from winters thralls

I am renewed

I am hopeful

That we can create something new

Something incredible

This is my hope

To let go of the certain

For what waits for us

Behind the red curtain


TV’s On

Late night at the Italian joint

we sit tired and staring

talking about how we are

going to make our lives


6 tv’s blaring telling us what to think

Next I am easily distracted

by the compact box

lighting the room

the food is good and will do

but as for me and you

it has been 10 years in the making

no more waiting

we are going to make our move

but for now in this vacant little resteraunt

we enjoy each other

even with the tv’s on

Quiet Minded

This just captures the way I feel today. Not quite sure what it all means or where it is I am heading. I just try to put something to paper and this is what comes out. My mind does not seem to have linear thought today, more scattered and sporadic. Probably a sign of fatigue but i must write on! Some quiet minded writing.

Pushing and pulling

Twisting and moving

All these parts around

The feelings burst from corners


Stomach churning wide

Open mouths yearning for life

Sliding in spaces

Hands holding their places

While fists beat upon chests

The feelings melt around

Filling valley’s under pressure building

Eyes bustling hoping to discover light and air

Yet there is just the simple sound

Of an air conditioning running

An elevator moving

A city bus forward thrust

Streets being lashed with rubber

The city blinks in a quiet stutter

Life comes back as quickly as it passes

Staring at the coffee on my glasses

Resting arms and legs on a sofa

My mind will surely not rest until this night is over