The morning after
The lights gone
Neck sore
Could do it all the more
Evenings wrapped in wool
Sweating out heart full
Of blood pumping through veins
Pushing life on a constraint
My mind calls critics
While my hands respond
Sweat dripping down my chin
On soft linens my body demands rest
The ultimate evening test
Lights burn the floors
Tanning the evenings chords
Stress flows with tangible discourse
While the evening runs it course
Fans happy and bouncing
Through the set and over
I wake at mid morning
Head beating the latest warning
But ready I am to move on
Life lived in a rock song

TV’s On

Late night at the Italian joint

we sit tired and staring

talking about how we are

going to make our lives


6 tv’s blaring telling us what to think

Next I am easily distracted

by the compact box

lighting the room

the food is good and will do

but as for me and you

it has been 10 years in the making

no more waiting

we are going to make our move

but for now in this vacant little resteraunt

we enjoy each other

even with the tv’s on