The Rally Cry of the Tired

The rally cry of the tired

A worthy cause flamed out with vigor

Passing floating rolling

I have tried

To do good

Good to be undone

So much has to rely on a rally cry

When your tired

And lonely

Not alone

You feel sad

Disconnected from the world

How did it work out not the way it was

All planned

A plane in flight unmanned

The plane now is in the final descent

It will land



But through all of this



Have grown

Grown up

So here we come


Karaoke Warfare

Between me and you

I want to know

Who can sing the blues

No care for stories or background

Just the way your voice sounds

So sweet is the irony


Back when the blues were constructed

Even now as the legends are being inducted

To the halls of fame

There story was never boring

Never quite lame

The story of these greats

Could make you pause

Even wait

To hear the next lyric

The next verse

To know what adverse

Conditions these men and women faced

We can not reduce this music

To technicalities and perfection

It has been hard born

Since the moment of its inception

I see the value in entertainment

But its straining my understanding

Of what music is

So I fall back to some classic blues

Stories from long ago

And I remember

That music is the sound

That makes life


Dust Life Off

Working on waiting
Waiting to work
Life held up
Can be frustrating
Held back
Pick life up
Dust it off
Get going
Let go
Live with no care
Work hard
Life is better
Lived this way

TV’s On

Late night at the Italian joint

we sit tired and staring

talking about how we are

going to make our lives


6 tv’s blaring telling us what to think

Next I am easily distracted

by the compact box

lighting the room

the food is good and will do

but as for me and you

it has been 10 years in the making

no more waiting

we are going to make our move

but for now in this vacant little resteraunt

we enjoy each other

even with the tv’s on

The Flat Screen Pulpit

I was mischievously distracted by how the news channel always seems to throw in slanted information into the news. This night I had been thrown off guard by some real information and then remembered the source and was amazed at how well they mix real news with propaganda as to catch and hold the viewer. In addition to making people believe what they say is true – both propaganda and news. But these people have the gift of gab and they use it to their advantage creating truly no overall good unfortunately, but why should they care. Here is a poem about it. Cheers!

Delicately selecting to preach by mouth rather than feet

Sitting on a box on the wooden table

The flat screen pulpit drawing people in with images

To be seen

No significant or deliberate meaning to the words spoken

Crazy fool must be joking

Speaking cotton falling from the mechanic moving mouth

For the masses to walk on

Treading hard on a wiry path

Writhing through city streets and dense forests

The breathe he laments into the open air

Casting spells on the trances eyes



To see every move

Every word

Spreading fowl spirits

Reckless on the delicate evening mess

If only he would silence his accusations

Resume to the news and useful practical information

That can inform rather than entertain

A challenge he may not maintain


This is the revised version of a song that I am currently finishing up. It is about being in the grind and trying to find meaning in your work. For me it is grinding through all of the social media/marketing day to day activities of running my own company. It is a simple morning – but my mind begins to wander. That is where this song comes from. Hope to have video up soon. Cheers!

When I wake up

Feeling fine

Get up put the coffee on

I’m in the grind

The TV rings out so clear

In subtlety

Weather man’s telling me

These thoughts are free

But you will find

You will find

You will find

That in due time

That OH

Don’t you just wonder

How the clouds can fade

They just fade away

And oh

Don’t you just wonder

How life it fades

It just fades away

It fades away

Every time I think of her

I fade away

All these people telling me

Move this way

What the fuck is wrong with you

He will say

You’re head is tucked in clouds

But I’m OK

Then again

And again

And again

Love I will send

But OH

Don’t you just wonder

How the clouds can fade

They just fade away

And oh

Don’t you just wonder

How life it fades

It just fades away