The Rally Cry of the Tired

The rally cry of the tired

A worthy cause flamed out with vigor

Passing floating rolling

I have tried

To do good

Good to be undone

So much has to rely on a rally cry

When your tired

And lonely

Not alone

You feel sad

Disconnected from the world

How did it work out not the way it was

All planned

A plane in flight unmanned

The plane now is in the final descent

It will land



But through all of this



Have grown

Grown up

So here we come


Honorable Craft

I love what I do. But even love does not make the everyday grind easier. I still have to push myself to go further, work harder, and recreate myself constantly. These may seem like easy challenges but 3-4 hours of practice a day in addition to physical fitness and running a company -d the challenges are always daunting. However, all of this has really taught me to appreciate the time and effort that people take, whatever they may do or create, in creating food, cars, chocolate, coffee, anything. On the contrary it really gets me when people do not have any respect for craft and simply take your money. It is sad, especially when you are scrapping by in the beginning of your life trying to make ends meat. So I wrote a poem about how the creation of value is something that can not be taken for granted. Take pride in what you do and I will do the same – that way we can make this whole world better. Cheers and enjoy!

What is value

What is value worth to you

Is it cheap or expensive

Speaking of this

My thoughts seem quite extensive

I work everyday for little to no pay

I am happy with my decisions

I work independently no supervision

Grinding out every single dollar

Learning to hustle

With guitar in hand a singing bustle

I expect when I do receive a dollar

That it be spent on something of value

Wasting money on temporary happiness

Ain’t quite my thing

For I work and work and work

Hoping to just break through

No complaints to me

I am just trying to explain it to you

That if you cheat me of my money

When I finally get paid

It cuts to the heart

The words have been said

Some people do not value quality

Crafting, carving, and caressing to being

These arts are not of pertinent dreams

Some value a tax return

Others a good meal

Whatever you enjoy

Just make sure you get a good deal

Cause working hard for your nickels and dimes

Make’s one realize you trade dollar for time

All done in real time

Working hard day and night

Don’t let people get away stealing

Taking what you work hard for everyday

Food companies making higher margins

Clothes companies exporting jobs

This is robbery to you and me

We work hard for our money

So we can not just let it be

Take pride in what you support

Love what you support

Vote with what you support

Because in the end

Life is way to short