The Rapid Eye Movement

Europe is so amazing. I have found it challenging to slow my mind down. It is probably a mixture of the jet lag, new languages, and sheer beauty of this place. It is completely new and intriguing. The landscapes are amazing and the stories and history that go with them are simply too much for my mind to wrap around. It is going to take some time to soak it all in. From Paris – Cheers!

All this beauty

All the color

All the tradition

My mind is wandering

Through words unknown and foreign

I try to slow

The rapid eye movement

Creeping faster and faster

Moving quicker and quicker

Around towers and bells

Through fields and mountains

Pools and lanterns

Brick streets and orange glow

These are where my thoughts go

When people are speaking

My lack of understanding

There is no way of having my mind

Make a soft landing

Until I rest at night

Thoughts slow

And slow


Off I am

To sleep

Just let my mind go



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