Farewell and Hello

The day is coming

Finally is here

The barn is ready

The placemats set

Church is waiting

A place to reflect

To set out on a new life

Sail a new ocean

To bid farwell to me

As I once new it

And greet the new

With Hello

I cannot longer hold my past

As it to constrict time

And my future

I go forward brave

Rejuvenated to make life


To work for a new purpose

To shed fear and doubt

To go certainly on a new route

I spend my last days as a bachelor

Reflecting on what I have done

In a short few days

My total will be greater

Than just one

So I sit here peaceful


And quiet

Letting inspiration run

From inception in my brain

To my heart

Through my veins

 Down my arms

 And out of my fingers

I write

Of how life is going to be different

For better and for worse

Sickness and health

But I am ready for this great challenge

To take up the old me

And move to greater heights

Where I can see new potential


Going somewhere I do not know

Into the future I will walk

With my feet touching gently

On the ground below


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