Screw Texting

This is a song about the disconnect between someone on a phone and someone not. I was really inspired to write this song as I walked through a grocery store and almost got whacked by some guys shopping cart as he laughed and texted to someone. That shit is dangerous – and i see people texting all the time when I am driving. I would say that is just as bad as drunken driving. One time i stood on an overpass in LA and 13 out of 30 cars were distracted drivers. Just zipping by doing 80 and texting. Shit be crazy. So this song explores the texting dilemma in a the form of a confused love song.  I felt this would make the song most intimate and revealing to do it in this way. I think I achieved what I was going for – you tell me. I will be posting the video tomorrow. Enjoy!

Stop texting

When we are talking

There is nothing

Better to do

Feel like I am dying

Cause I am holding

I am holding my breathe

for you

Your friends calling

Just ignoring

All l the little words

I try

It feels vacant

In this party

Yeah this group

Of just me and you

It just kills me to hear you say

Don’t go

I wont go if there is a reason for me to stay

Don’t stay

I won’t stay if there is a reason for me to go


I fight feelings

We have outgrown these

Damn phones

Lets throw them away

What could make you

So happy

Looking at that

Box in your hand

Fingers punching

Always talking

While your lips

Have nothing to say

It so quiet

In the room now

That the phone is

all tucked away

We can just talk another day