Tomorrows End

The painstaking rearranging of change

Unfolds like a cold flow of blood

To the brain

The tightness urges a little saying

Bursting out from my grasped lips

I can not think of tomorrows end

Or uncertainty certain bend

I just focus on the moment in front

Not two behind

What lies ahead is what I will find

The constant ebb and flow of the tide

Makes me feel uneasy sometimes

So it is in change that I find solace

Even though the certain I will miss

Upon the altering sunsets

I will rest my eyes

Upon a new state line

A think for a time

How constant flow around me

Can help me see the true bounty

Of life


The Streets of Pollution

When the shift comes

When the good has come undone

Rung out of the feelings

Absurd little dealings

Of high dollar agreements

Gentrification and public ceilings

I have become the problem

No longer a solution

Another chimney

On the streets of pollution

My feelings have crackled

Dried up like timber

Burst into flames

Under the opposite

Season to winter

My hopes wither

From giant logs on a river

To little more than a small sliver

The exchanges of gold and silver

Have yielded a new type sinner

With higher debts

And higher fevers

To push up rents

And out the believers

So now maybe I am the problem

I am not quite sure how it shifted

From pushing keys

In the seat I am sitting

Now to the lords of rent

Coming down hard

In a city unfit for a family and yard

So I will move on

To new opportunities and games

For somewhere else I may be the solution

To help clean up

The new streets of pollution

Copious Caring

I will take your odds

As odd as it seams

To be on far fetched dreams

No reason or bearing

On the future or past

No reason for overbearing

Copious caring

I will take the odds

Stacked against my favor

To savor each moment

In a town of full life enrollment

I face critics pen and ready

To shake their heads and while

Keeping their hands steady

Conformity breeds

Bland crackers

Watering down

Running into the sewers

Out of the streets

I will take your odds

You odd game

Make my best


And soon

I will see


5 am grabs me

Very informal late night ramble. Drove from 8:30 am until 5 am and this is basically where my mind was at. It is crazy how you almost start to hallucinate and you definitely need some time to recover. So here is to late night, cheers!

5 a.m. grabs me

not asleep yet



probably not

the skies lift a heavy fog

from evening shoulders

passing lines

and green street signs

late night

driving all around

better prop up these eyelids

so they had not fall down

the next day is no better

wake up late

in somewhat of a lucid state

but 5 a.m will take some time

to recover

my mind works slow

slower on those days

it stumbles through

with a velvet glaze

my eyes bloodshot

all around

last night was late

and there is still a ringing sound

i muster up the courage to write

let the words fall and thoughts take flight

i feel alright as my muscles warm

to poetry I return

with no care for content or form

that is where I stop

as vision blurring mind distort

better put the pen down

on days like today

it is best

to keep it short