Predict the Past

Words are moving fast

Faster than I can understand

Competing with the speed of light

Into my head with danger

No understanding needed

People blast out obscenities

With fog horn blasts

Worries about the future

Trying to predict the past

I am not moved quickly with emotion

But in this almost steady flowing river

Into the ocean running

Mud filled water 


Filling greater waters

To which I barely understand 

So I await more news



It will come

What was new

Will quickly become the past


The Old Lifeboat

The challenge of growth on the road

Learning life’s lessons new

Without letting my old life go

Holding my hands to the side

Of this old lifeboat

The longer miles we roam

The further we go

The more we grow

Unknown of the life ahead

One foot in front of the other

Deliberate moves 

Keep us alive

In love 


Glaze of Sheets

The glaze of icing on the streets

Ice skating in layered sheets

Less than 2 feet of snow

But back to the new cold

The first storm of the winter

Came in thick 

With ice brittle 


I enjoy he cold but stay warm

When the snow is done

I undue my jacket


Winter is back

The Dawning of the Fall Jacket

The dawning of the fall jacket 

An awning of warmth 

Feeling the fall creeping in

One evening it’s summer

Throughout the night

Falls moment seizes 

It makes its presence swift 

Moving in with the new revolving moon

It’s a time of year defined by a subtle change

A change that shifts 

Then sets in

And out comes the jacket

The big purses and backpacks

Dawning falls on us softly

And with a blink of an eye

Summers gone

To yet come again