25 Hours

25 hour car ride

The earth to my right side

Passing trucks to the left

I won’t attest with my old ride

Making our way to the Florida coast 

Racing trains 

Down the eastern seaboard

Catching cheap hotels 

So we can

Sleep more

Passing through Raleigh

And Jacksonville

Some good moments

Some are just a force of will

Highways full 

Unable to sit still

From the borders of NYC

To easy coastal city’s

Southern bound 

Through America the Pretty

The Dawning of the Fall Jacket

The dawning of the fall jacket 

An awning of warmth 

Feeling the fall creeping in

One evening it’s summer

Throughout the night

Falls moment seizes 

It makes its presence swift 

Moving in with the new revolving moon

It’s a time of year defined by a subtle change

A change that shifts 

Then sets in

And out comes the jacket

The big purses and backpacks

Dawning falls on us softly

And with a blink of an eye

Summers gone

To yet come again