Wood Sealed with Moss Wet

Falling on the slippery steps

Wood sealed with moss wet

I could have known from the onset

But my uselessness felt content

In the mist of a rainy day

I first felt my foot slip away

Like a territory that never existed

I had to brake to exercise

As I fell quick to my left side

No soft forgiven

How was it not a broken bone was given

I now wear the bruises like a badge of honor

A kitty sent out to the cold world

With no record or recollection of how to get home

Thank God for not one broken bone

I shook my hands and checked my feet

Somehow I was still complete

Aunt from my mothers side once told me

Only move fast when you have certain footing

Or else you will regret when you lose your directions

Only to sent you flailing in sudden inflection

But I was OK

I dusted my shirt off and walked it out

Having a quick scream and shout

And I was alright

In one piece whole

Ready to go

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