Gut the Ethics!

Gut the ethics!

Renew the clashes

I want to hide $50 bills

Underneath white mustaches

Purge the homeless

But protect their babies

We will burn our way through

Leave the individuals feeling hotter

But no medicare in their 80’s

Pursue big oil with dirty hands

Make new faces in the Klan

Instill fear and vanquish hope

Drop it in the ocean with ball and rope

Here comes the new government

Ready to take the country

So start hiding your hope

And your money

Gut the ethics

Cut the semantics

Just political buffoonery

Ideal tactics

The individual can only hope

That no one can dash our hope

With a 10 cent rope

But either way here we go




Paving Paths of Uncertainty

From the bugs

To the webs

Rolling dust up

Cleaning the house

On a small Indiana farm

Crawling out


Falling out

Contemplating the rearranging

The possessions I own

Giving up

Learning to let go

So we can roll down the road

From NY to IN

Paving paths of uncertainty

Getting older will certainly

Make me wonder about the future

What it holds

And how to just let go