Vomit your Ignorance

Everything has changed around us

Except the people that surround us

Sounding off their discontent alarms

While holding out a cold arm

To wish us well

So they can go behind and tell

That they silently disapprove

Of every single move

And create a story they can sell

To any poor ear they can tell

This ignorance is vomited

From every last drip they spew

To them I say

Farewell “Good Friends”

I must bid you adieu


Our Selfish Nature

Are we really selfish from conception

We asks our mothers to give us life

From the moment of our inception

Taking nutrients blood and life

From deep inside

Of our mothers belly

Asking for oxygen and food

To be taken care of

Regardless of her mood

There is no waiting in beginning

Asking asking asking

Wondering how we will survive

How will our mothers keep us alive

So it makes me wonder

Was I born selfish

Is human nature itself intrinsically selfish

To take rather than to give

Is that the way we begin to live

I understand that life is freely given

By the one who creates us

Whether it be god you believe

Or the forces of nature

It has no relevance in this conversation

I want to ask

Are you selfish

Wanting a life to live and food to eat

Is that the core of the selfish life

Or is it pure survival instincts

We surely cannot sustain life without

It is our job then to destroy selfishness

In the end

To see it’s light burnt out

Dedicated to the last cause

Very devout

People begin

Some grow


Some grow


Some grow


Some grow


We may be born to our selfish ways

As we grow old it is our responsibility

To shed the selfish life for independence

Dignity and responsibility

And that is the way it should be