Cabbage and The Uncomfort of Life

I didn’t want to do it

I guess I kind of had to do it

Shit we do to make it through

Renting out half the space

The rat race isn’t even

Half way through

The smell of cabbage in the morning

Warning that the uncomfort of life

Is seeping through

It wild the way we hustle

People bustle

Plan for the next month

Once again feeling uncomfortable

But I guess in a city

Where rules are only enforced

Rather than exist

This small task I complete

To make it through the month

Cause if not I call it quits

And back on the road I’ll be

With only half my wits

I’m not running some grand hotel

Not even a bed and breakfast

Just trying to make time with no roomates pass

The hosting seemed to be the only option

In a city

Where the Attorney General

Might be hot for me

But I guess I’m damned if I do

Damned if I don’t

It’s New York City

The only answer I can not give


I won’t

Liquid Lights







Liquid Lights

The polar vortex winter

What the heck is that

Where hot and cold intersect

Casting a spinner on the midwest

Over Chicago, Gary, and South Bend

The rust belt on lake Michigan’s end

A vortex

Sets 4 feet of snow on the deck

I am amazed at the violence this

Storm creates

Thrashing cars on highways

Like liquid lights on the road

It is unlike any winter I have known

Where the volatile winds blow

The crushing cold

Oh the cold

It seems unbearable

Stopping pumping engines in its tracks

Planes left running

On snow filled tarmacs

A smack

Of this winter vortex

Sets us spinning

Holding on to wheels

Less like driving

More like swimming

I hope to see the end

We just pull up a chair and watch

The true entertainer

The dropping thermometer

Watching it fall

Way below what I have ever known

Freezing finger tips instantly

With a frigid blast

I can only hope

This vortex

Is my first and my last

Is there a Right?

Is there a right

A place where you can be alright

Whether the answer is yes or no

Is there a right

Can one truly be wrong

Without any truth answered



If there is right

Can I choose this

Rather than choosing wrong

Can I choose it

Or does right choose me

Will it pick me up

Or let me be

Can I only know right

If I had been wrong

Right must appear

Through frustration and hope

But in the end I know

I hope

I can choose what was right

Because life is short

Yet days can be long

I hope that in the end

I can choose

Right from wrong


Lie and Wait

We lie and wait
For our inevitable
Changing fate

There is no crime in worry
All these changing events
With no grand hurry

This Thursday we depart
Lost belongings and hanging art

We long for the new feeling
Creation of our being
This is the call we are heeding

We depart in only days
So many miles away
We find new hope and worry

This will come on a normal
January morning flurry