Liquid Lights







Liquid Lights

The polar vortex winter

What the heck is that

Where hot and cold intersect

Casting a spinner on the midwest

Over Chicago, Gary, and South Bend

The rust belt on lake Michigan’s end

A vortex

Sets 4 feet of snow on the deck

I am amazed at the violence this

Storm creates

Thrashing cars on highways

Like liquid lights on the road

It is unlike any winter I have known

Where the volatile winds blow

The crushing cold

Oh the cold

It seems unbearable

Stopping pumping engines in its tracks

Planes left running

On snow filled tarmacs

A smack

Of this winter vortex

Sets us spinning

Holding on to wheels

Less like driving

More like swimming

I hope to see the end

We just pull up a chair and watch

The true entertainer

The dropping thermometer

Watching it fall

Way below what I have ever known

Freezing finger tips instantly

With a frigid blast

I can only hope

This vortex

Is my first and my last


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