Gazing Ball Responsiblity

field collage

Gazing Ball Responsiblity

Freedom outlined with responsibility

Sounds so trivial

So silly

But the concepts upon which

Failure and success

Of our free country


Are within

The two words mentioned


With freedom comes responsibility

Not political commitment

Or rigid views

Simple daily responsibility

Of citizens


And you

No questions raised

About money, religion, or race

Equality to all

Under the human race

Let us be responsible for what we do

What we say

How we act

How we pay

For creations made responsibly

Temptations and challenge

Run rampant at our fingertips

Accessing the world

In just a few clicks

But with this gazing ball of wonder

You cannot underestimate

Your responsibility

To the greater mankind

So please be kind

Be helpful

A great nation

Flawed indeed

But if there is one call we can heed

Whether a conservative or a liberal

Is mutual respect for each other

And our responsibility

To make the world better

So that from sea to shining sea

We can create something beautifully

With true responsibility

From me to you

And you to me


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