Gazing Ball Responsiblity

field collage

Gazing Ball Responsiblity

Freedom outlined with responsibility

Sounds so trivial

So silly

But the concepts upon which

Failure and success

Of our free country


Are within

The two words mentioned


With freedom comes responsibility

Not political commitment

Or rigid views

Simple daily responsibility

Of citizens


And you

No questions raised

About money, religion, or race

Equality to all

Under the human race

Let us be responsible for what we do

What we say

How we act

How we pay

For creations made responsibly

Temptations and challenge

Run rampant at our fingertips

Accessing the world

In just a few clicks

But with this gazing ball of wonder

You cannot underestimate

Your responsibility

To the greater mankind

So please be kind

Be helpful

A great nation

Flawed indeed

But if there is one call we can heed

Whether a conservative or a liberal

Is mutual respect for each other

And our responsibility

To make the world better

So that from sea to shining sea

We can create something beautifully

With true responsibility

From me to you

And you to me

The Sweet Smell of Rejection

Nothing like the sweet smell of rejection in the morning

To receive the call an early warning

Its not the right fit but I wish you the best

But if you had to receive a grade you failed the test

Refreshed I see it in a morning sigh

No more than a simple rejuvenating sign

That more must be done to push forward

No looking back or retracting your hand

Giving my best out there I cannot look back

The evening lines have been drawn in the sand

Take a breath and begin again

This will seem to happen every now and again

I take it as a compliment

That the successful plans have been laid

I will not give into some cheap demands

To jump at their will fall upon their command

People look for something to fill their own void

All the while they hold stiff while creativity is destroyed

Looking for something to replace the old

Will make the fillers seem out of place and cold

Wet and waiting on the driveway of replacement

Taking what just comes along seems way to complacent

They want someone who will fit the mold

Casting away the unique and the wanderers

The fearless and the bold

For someone who does not mind to grow mold

Upon their creative gears and will simply listen to their peers

Me that I am not and surely never will be

What will ever become of me I guess I will wait and see

As for now I am content on my bed of worthlessness

It does not fear me to be alone out here calling

Much better than rich and my creative mind mauling me

I recluse back to come back stronger

Eager to fight again

Rejection is nothing more

Than a reason to start again

Corporate Giants

Oh no it looks like the corporate giants are at it again
Taking money from the thick and thin
They don’t believe in things like sins
If it’s one more dollar in their pocket they win
Deceit and betrayal are their corporate focus
Taking every little dollar from every little person with a little hocus-pocus
Don’t worry about calling them they already know what’s going on
They don’t much care that what they do is wrong
There is a little hope and redemption from a small voice like mine
I guess it just must be at sign of the time
Before too long I’ll be back at it again
Because corporate profits are the same now
As they were back then
A dollar earned is a dollar saved but a dollar stolen is a dollar played
Corporations love their games and love their dollars
The best I can hope to do is just scream and holler
Greed will continue on regardless of its ambition
It will write a new book the third edition
So don’t forget when somebody takes your money one day
It’s the one and only
Corporate way

Fervent Thrust

Imagine being in a bar, not during the high time, but at low times. We have spent countless hours in the bars setting up, sound checking, talking, and networking. I was really inspired by the floor of these places as they all seem to look exactly the same. In addition to that it has a very similar scent. To me it is a very bittersweet feeling but it always reminds me of a show that is about to start as it is the first thing we are greeted  with when we walk through the doors for the night. I try to give you a sense of this feeling in the poem here called “Fervent Thrust”.


Bar floors tell much more

That what I could ask for

In the corners where the light shines dim

Away from sweepers on the outer rim

Tells a story of many a nights

Careless dancers and crazy bar fights

The smell of beer and must

Bellows from the vents

Greeting me at the door

With a fervent thrust

Beer caps lay with hair and mold

All the shit here is more that a day old

But this is the smell of music in action

I have found this true

Regardless of the disgusting reaction

This is where American music thrives

And discovers its sound

The walls have been broken in

It is a sacred ground

The bartender wipes the deck

Getting ready for another crazy night

Turns the lights on low

And sweeps the dust below

Sound checks ring with the

Check 1,2 in the background

The band gears up for the party going down

But in the corner of the bar

Is where you can find the filth of yesterday

The colors grown of black and gray

The sounds ring out and knock the dust from the table

Music rings out regardless of the label

Of genres and names things oh so irrelevant

Just a business note people need

And business people sent

But play it out loud

Ring it out clear

Bring the corners and floors alive

The dancing blokes

With clashing beers

Over Rated

This is a new song that I have been working on very diligently in the past couple of

weeks. It is about the pressures of always looking for the next best thing and

looking to the future in life – when really all you have to care about is going on

right in front of your eyes. This song will be on our next album out in late 2013.


I’m feeling so over rated

My life is so complicated

Not the best but I face it

These feelings are fresh

But I am jaded

Oh and I feel like I am going


And I feel like I want to be


I don’t want to write this song

Forget about tomorrow

If you want to live today

Forget about tomorrow

If you want to live today

If you want to live today

Remember what I say

My thoughts can be so relentless

You ‘bout gave up when I said this

Now that I know that you’re faded

Well I had to go but I waited

For you

Oh and I feel like we are going


And I feel like we are missing


And I don’t want to write this song

Forget about tomorrow

If you want to live today

Forget about tomorrow

If you want to live today

If you want to live today

Remember what I say


This was written late night. After a long day of marketing and social media-ing. Long day

and semi frustrated with it all and how it can take away from what you really want to

being doing. Enjoy!

All the time spent marketing

Now I know why it’s a full time thing

I have to spend some time on twitter

I watch it like a babysitter

With a cute emblem of a little critter

But it is so much more than that

A tweet is a tweet

For I am winning the race of the rats

But log on and get your computer

I get distracted by watching McGruber

Eh but why bother who cares

This white screen looks back, it stares

For me to embark on a journey, begin to

Climb the stairs

But for now I must rest and get some deep sleep

This computer keeps me away from slumber and rest

But now go check Facebook

And get that off your chest

A tweet is for twitter

Status the update

Facebook and Twitter

I can not begin to contemplate

And then there is sweet little Google

How many peoples eyes ogle over this Google

Search me this search me that

I need to know the top ten ways to burn fat

The questions run on for days even years

But with no response ever to the ears

Unless with Siri she’s the one

She brings it all together

The holy one

She even knows a joke

That’s a lie

But asking her is still fun

But ode to distraction

I must return to my path

This I must proclaim

I must say

For now I will sneak away

From bots and other things

To rest, rest calm and peaceful

And restore my faith in worldly beings