Take a Look

Let’s take a look at the headlines

The twitter feeds

Handles and Hashtags

Feeling a bit out of line

What is coming through the feed line

The umbilical chord of information

Keeping me alive

As my eyes read over every line

Some clowns grab the main light

Stage set for them just right

No need to worry for talent or something new

Just get naked and run around for a few

Headlines running from each side of the States

Somehow I can no longer see straight

To the headlines falling off the page

From computers and newpapers

Wasted on the futile

Infertile information trying to impregnate my mind

With nothing more than wasted time

And energy

Just trying to read head news line



This was written late night. After a long day of marketing and social media-ing. Long day

and semi frustrated with it all and how it can take away from what you really want to

being doing. Enjoy!

All the time spent marketing

Now I know why it’s a full time thing

I have to spend some time on twitter

I watch it like a babysitter

With a cute emblem of a little critter

But it is so much more than that

A tweet is a tweet

For I am winning the race of the rats

But log on and get your computer

I get distracted by watching McGruber

Eh but why bother who cares

This white screen looks back, it stares

For me to embark on a journey, begin to

Climb the stairs

But for now I must rest and get some deep sleep

This computer keeps me away from slumber and rest

But now go check Facebook

And get that off your chest

A tweet is for twitter

Status the update

Facebook and Twitter

I can not begin to contemplate

And then there is sweet little Google

How many peoples eyes ogle over this Google

Search me this search me that

I need to know the top ten ways to burn fat

The questions run on for days even years

But with no response ever to the ears

Unless with Siri she’s the one

She brings it all together

The holy one

She even knows a joke

That’s a lie

But asking her is still fun

But ode to distraction

I must return to my path

This I must proclaim

I must say

For now I will sneak away

From bots and other things

To rest, rest calm and peaceful

And restore my faith in worldly beings