Take a Look

Let’s take a look at the headlines

The twitter feeds

Handles and Hashtags

Feeling a bit out of line

What is coming through the feed line

The umbilical chord of information

Keeping me alive

As my eyes read over every line

Some clowns grab the main light

Stage set for them just right

No need to worry for talent or something new

Just get naked and run around for a few

Headlines running from each side of the States

Somehow I can no longer see straight

To the headlines falling off the page

From computers and newpapers

Wasted on the futile

Infertile information trying to impregnate my mind

With nothing more than wasted time

And energy

Just trying to read head news line


The Coals of Ambition

Can anyone tell me where this is going

I am not quite sure I follow

yet I am content to find out

there is no real place called home

not when living a life on the roam

for what might be better

yet sometimes much worse

my thoughts fumble as my mind wonders

internal rain

perpetual thunder

raking me across the coals of ambition

little did I know it would hold me ransom

these things that I was wishing

holding onto dearly as if the bible

these contemptuous desires should be convicted of liable

they have not given what was prescribed

empty bags straight out lied

and made me feel at home

in a bed of feathers

little did i know my mind it would teather

and hold down with uncertainty

but certainly

I will come out stronger on the other end

I once was a three

Now I am a ten

time to grow up

rather than start again

I will leave it here for tonight

what I said seems alright

I will fall fast asleep

until the the night is bright with

morning light


When Bad Things Happen to Good People

As I listened to NPR cover the story unfolding in Boston yesterday on my way home from Chicago – my fiance and I were just silent. Sometimes it just takes time to realize that some people have that much hate inside of them that they are willing to act out and hurt others. It was a very difficult listening to the coverage – and violent acts happen all the time. So I have begun working on a song called “When Bad Things Happen to Good People”. I feel that I have had this song on my chest for a long time. Something that I can turn to when I feel worn out by peoples hatred and violence. A song to give hope, but also deal with the hard question of “why?” Obviously, I do not have the answer – but I know what can make me feel more loving in my own heart. To recognize what is great and take time to be thankful. It does not erase the pain, but rather helps me deal with it in a positive manner. I will have the song posted here tomorrow afternoon – for now here are the lyrics. I just wanted to say there is no reason for why bad things happen – other than the existence of hate/evil. Rather than focusing on evil, I wanted to focus on love and hope. The verses are about what makes this country great and what I am proud of. In verse 2 it is my call to action. I hope that you can relate with this and find it helpful in this time of grieving.

Keeping everyone affected by this in Boston and throughout the world in my thoughts.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

When bad things happen

Oh my god

To good people

There is no way around

It is a quieting sound

But hate won’t tear us down

It won’t tear us down

I love the way

People care enough to say

Oh I love you

And be safe out there

Just take care

In a world that’s always spinnin’ round

Don’t be scared

The fear will try to tear us apart

But in your heart

We must know

That the hate must die

For the love to grow

When bad things happen

Oh my god

To good people

There is no way around

It is a quieting sound

But hate won’t tear us down

It won’t tear us down

When news gets tough

You have had enough

Don’t throw your hands

And just give up

The world needs us now

Hate has knocked it down

Its up to you and me

And everyone around

Help someone back up

Even when your heart aches

The love you give

Must be greater

Than the love you take