The Coals of Ambition

Can anyone tell me where this is going

I am not quite sure I follow

yet I am content to find out

there is no real place called home

not when living a life on the roam

for what might be better

yet sometimes much worse

my thoughts fumble as my mind wonders

internal rain

perpetual thunder

raking me across the coals of ambition

little did I know it would hold me ransom

these things that I was wishing

holding onto dearly as if the bible

these contemptuous desires should be convicted of liable

they have not given what was prescribed

empty bags straight out lied

and made me feel at home

in a bed of feathers

little did i know my mind it would teather

and hold down with uncertainty

but certainly

I will come out stronger on the other end

I once was a three

Now I am a ten

time to grow up

rather than start again

I will leave it here for tonight

what I said seems alright

I will fall fast asleep

until the the night is bright with

morning light



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