Welcoming Arm

Never seen nothing like this before

Everyone running around

A man lays lifeless on the ground

Not sure who he was

Or where he was from

On the streets of South Bend

Under a cool autumn sun

The cops came up

Looking to keep him breathing

Not much was happening

I could see then

I was in my car

They were on the street

I have no skills to save lives

A subtle feeling of defeat

A man on the street laid out

Long grey hair

Khaki trousers

I could see what was happening

In a few days loved one will bring flowers

To put to rest this loved soul

I do not know him

And never will

But I am sure he has a great story to tell

He may have been a wanderer

Or a businessman

A plumber

Or a musician

His shoes worn in and worker brown

The paramedics rushed in

While others gathered around

I was struck with emotion

As the scene unfolded

No wife with him

Or a hand for holdin’

There he lay lifeless

All I do is ask the good lord to bless

This man and either deliver him safely

Back into this world unharmed

Or greet him at the doors of heaven

With a welcoming arm

God speed dear friend


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