Misrepresented Presumption

Over time

Challenges will get easier

But I have lived under the

Misrepresented presumption

I assumed with all known gumption

That somehow

It would get easy

But easier does not imply easy

Easy implies lack of trying

Lack of trying implies lack of caring

So life for me

Will never be easy

Nor would I want it to be

If difficult becomes easier

It becomes manageable

Not easy

Manageable means you still

Must give your best

Under new conditions

Yet the same test

But the false truth

That life would get easy

Was misleading me

Tempting me

Causing me more harm than known

Holding me back from where

I could have grown

I now know and understand

That the true tests of being a man

Will never be easy

And I hope they never will

I hope life continues to test my growing


But I will learn

I will grow

Taking each passing test as I go

Life will never be easy

I will accept all challenges

With greatness of eager

With hope one day

These great challenges

Will be just a bit






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