Sinster Ways of a Fellow

How much damage could we prevent

If we just took the time to say hello

To our neighbors

Not to spy

But to just show that you want to know

How they are doing

I find it amazing that dangerous people

Can live normal lives

In normal houses

With normal neighbors

Quietly living

Yet amazed

That these monsters would not stick out

With a simple hello

One may be able to understand

Through a quick introduction

The heart of a man

People so dangerous


Can live as a neighbor right next

To you and me

We are by nature now self governed

I look out for you

You look out for me

So it is now our responsiblity

To ask questions

Know who you live next to

What they do

Simple chat now and then

I offer that you may find

The sinister ways of a fellow

Discovered or remittted

With a simple hello




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