Critical Description Rehearse

Walking off the tarmack

To a shimmering glaze of white capped mountains

A blueish overtone of gentle purity

Of the final frontier 

Pictures quickly flashed in a moments noticed

I remember walking

But I could have floated

Checking into the rental car

Stale air and stuff seats

Pulling out of spiral bending lots

Upon Alaskan grounds we disperse

What these eyes now behold

Could never have been done with

Critical description rehearsed 

Phone calls connected before our arrival 

Preparations made as best as we know how

Faces new gleaming with helping hands

Island time is a new resonance we intake

With a Foat Top silhouette in the backdrop

Down the Seward highway

We make our paths

And are already planning on coming back


Come Changes

Come changes

Bring what they may

Come new days

I heed your call 

From miles away

I see the bridge through the mist

On a cold evening

Bringing life a true glimpse

Of meaning 

Baton down the hatches 

I will weather the storms

Fear not the unknown 

That lies ahead 

One truth promised

Fear is worse than dead

So bring the new mornings

Evenings and sunsets

And I will be awake


The first waves on the lake

Cantankerous and Noisy

I know a ritzy town

Where the houses are big

Rigged with luxuries

The proposition tugs at me

But maybe I will head to Detroit

I am an artist

Hipster guess stereotyped

I find it rather terrific

To be cantankerous and noisy

Rather than sterilized to the squeak

That my shoes should rub on the floors

The thought of luxury affords me

Relinquishing in the laugh of heart

Maybe I will a piece of Detroit my own part

A small tin house on a hill

A fixer upper at will

Willingly I will go to the rust belt it seems

Although it may be perceived as synonymous

With crazy

At least I will try

Try it out in



Balance of the Night

Radiant blue on crisp white


Bridges at night

City comforts on the side

This time

This night

My wife and I hold tight

Clean cement under warm winter skies

Our feet tap the pavement

Like full bellied 



We balance love work and