Slow Down Town

Slow down town

Summer heat

Bearing down

All around on a Saturday

Today we need a bit of a relinquish

Relish in a heat

Beyond the hot ground

Around this town

Be Right

Be right

Be arrogant



Of the words


Be opaque

With answers

Of abuse

Make the proper


At the proper time

What has happened

Stays behind the line

Be right

Demagogue of sport

Be right



High Bar Days

Those high bar days

When the grey won’t quite

Fade away

The rain falls

Into the next day

The finish line moves

Back a few miles

When you feel you can’t accomplish

Anything for a while

But the rain will clear

The grey will


I just have to get up everyday

And off my ass

Chicago Summer

Heated streets

Dense air clasped

Onto the nape of the neck

Settling down

As the sunlight reigns down

An easy breeze

Of of Lake Michigan’s


Sunglasses in tote

While the darkness

Of winters now quite


Long Breaks

Long breaks

Is what it takes

To reconnect

With the words

That can be off

Or correct

Up in the woods

Or down flat on the deck

Taking these breaks

Is what makes

Me keep coming back

Credibility Crisis

Crisis of numbers

Crisis of names

Fumbled the words

Distracted and tame

How to recover from

A case of public doubt

Lean back

Don’t scream and shout

Back to the well-written word

Artistry of presentation

One can return

With no hesitation